Wednesday, July 15, 2015

july 15 2015
*i slept the clock around... literally--  6:30 last night to 6am today...
 here i thought i must be getting narcolepsy-- and i was just overtired????

actually 5:30am    because the phone rang -- a person wanting to apply for a dog..  
and is from penna... so it was not a different time zomne for her.
  she "yes ma'am" so m any times i asked if she was a vet -- and she is..
today schedule
 i need to go to the bank and solve the payment problem for  voodoo.
and before any of you get going on ----why her??--- i decided because i really like the looks of her mother.
some very observant soul  noted tehre were 2 blue pups in voodoo's litter.
let me remind you, altho color is interesting... i base my decisions on other factors...
plus... there is the--- black out of harl --and-- black out of blue-- and you can not tell the difference...
blue is recessive..i am told.
voodoo does not have the typical white tip on her tail that 99% of harls have---
there are a few things about her that are not my favorites but--- her mother is a tank... and i like that
if she is indeed genetically black, she would not throw  many of the the desireeable harl pups.
i think it is worth the gamble
so there...discussion ended.

well ----we can continue it later if we do indeed breed her and she  throws purple pups...
2 years from now.
modern tranmsaction....
the breeder has asked me to photo the reciept for the money transfer and email ti to  her
as proof so she can proceed with the arraingements for shipping.  whih will be next mon/tues...

 apparently the flight comes in at 7:30 pm  so i will need someone to go with me  to pick her up...
the other thing today... i just asked pam to get the horse halter collection out-- 
i would like to try and get audry and  viv harnessed as a pair... so if i could just start with the harness 
maybe i could get them hitched together in a couple weeks.

now that could be cute-- big time....  they coudl pull the wagon-- or even teh girqaffes
  and audry can hear---

how is that for a chal,ange?
don't hold me to it... but it would be fun.. and megan and steve can do all the normal stuff...

A cute Frenzy stunt........ 
Frenzy has studied how to release ice from the refrigerator. 
After studying Jim pressing the bar on the front of the refrigerator, Frenzy can now dispense ice any time he pleases, as often as he pleases! 
We have to be vigilant about locking the ice dispenser!
Thanks for a great visit yesterday.  ann .. jim


Hi Carlene & Theresa,
Glad to see everything went well last week with the accreditation & generous donation from Richard.  (I'm looking for a single male between the age of 56-69.  Does he qualify lol).  Princess Ruckus & I were busy this past weekend with our Golf Tournament fundraiser for Ataxia.  I will be sending in the mail a copy of the brochure where we are featured with a write up of Our Journey, Princess Ruckus & Carolyn.  Also gave a speech & power point presentation about Our Journey where of course Service Dog Project was center stage as how this incredible journey has changed my life.  I invited them to visit the web site & to please BUY A BRICK FOR $10 so they can be SHAT UPON.  I hope you will see some purchases from the Rochester are.  Let me know.  I will send power point presentation & pictures from golf tournament with us in the golf cart.  Don't worry Carlene, Ruckus says you are a much better driver than I am! As always Ruckus was great & so well behaved especially with my friends who also have Ataxia.  She brought many smiles to friends who suffer more than I do from Ataxia.  You can use this write up, pictures & power point I will be sending in DD, Facebook, Explore or where ever.
 I just remembered (I also suffer from memory loss) I've not received our recertification in the mail yet.
Thanks again
Princess Ruckus & Carolyn Roth DiMarsico

Carlene White

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