Thursday, July 16, 2015

july 16 2015
my favorite kind of problem......

let me remind everyone....  I don't do facebook... i don't 99%  understand facebook..
 and  i am the only one to officially  speak for sdp.100%. 
 and since i don't do facebook----  it is then logical  that nothing on facebook-- is in any way official.
NOTHING !!!  with the possible exception of mark's pictures...on  the sdp page.

i do read alot of the explore comments- and rely on courtney to alert me as to  things i might want to know...
and i have been known to ask explore to eliminate some comments and or pictures.
let me give you an example...we... as a group have purchased voodoo-- a huge gamble-  but coudl be well worth taking.... i hope.
mostly based on the looks of her mother... a great looking dog.. both parents have "A" hips... among other the breeding practices of teh german ddc.

 i was all set for an arguement that her father is a merle.. which can set off some people--
what has not been a recognized argueement  yet... but i fully expect.. is that  mother and father are related.. 
because it happened only once that i can see, it is no major disaster--  our bumpy is q great dog and the result of
thumper jumping a fence and breeding his daughter.
i personally think this voodoo case was done on purpose-- for a strange reason..
it looks like both mother and father- being related--  carry teh blue/recessive gene
verified by  the fact that  in this litter, there are 2 blue pups.
  and on their pedigree the color is left off one line of relatives.

now if someone starts commenting on it was wrong of me to do that..... i will cut it off...
be cause unless you have 19 years of canine genetics, you can not possibly understand
what you would be talking about...  if you have those 19 years.... please email me to discuss it.
otherwise it is a gamble- and i took it.... forget it.  i will not deal in 20  20 hindsight.

as to anyone being excluded--- banished-- banned  from any official  sdp activity  -- it has happened twice
i did it... 
one obscene and one just wanted to start an arguement like how many angels on the head of a pin. 
 SDP is a place  of including everyone interested in  the sdp mission...   if you are not - go away and start your own project..    we have a job to  do.
and i need to get at it... and figure out how to get a purple egg to drop from the sky...
 also it looks like monday or tuesday voodoo might arrive.
there is also a rumor that neal's mother  might  be available as a breeding female 
if moriah is really not going to produce, and will become a ff pet--- probbly agility

yet to be decided

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