Tuesday, July 21, 2015

july 21 2015
washed out version of teh daily doggie..

basic last n ight  voodoo's arrival
the system has changed from  ?bobby and shevy??

they do not come thru customs at the "E"  terminsl-- we watched all teh zurich passengers come o ut and no dog-- so i went to the ? booth and they suggested cargo-- way the toher side of the airport..- we called-- luckily no  "on hold" button  and they said they just got her and to come there...
we  looped--"just follow the cargo signs"  thru east boston... was an optomistic statement-- luckiluy in an afterthought the ? man gave me swiss cargo's telephone because thanks  to a very strange numbering system-- we looped teh cargo area several times...  the cargo doors had big  numbers  12  13  14  15   sort and we weere to go to building 62..  turns out   that was building 62  in very tiny numbers way up so that incoming airdcraft could see  the number but we mortals could only guess...  to be absolutely honest  there was a sign to building 62  right behind an overhanging branch of a tree..
but we got there-- and could see voodoo's crate-- but we could not touch her-- he said she was fine and they had watered her...  but we needed to get customs to stamp theis wad of paperrs ( in our paperless society...)
where was customs???  behind the ladies room in terminal "E"-- so we looped again  ( bud is a super driver... big time)  and found a solitary man in a small office behind the ladies room...  
he had never dealt with a dog before, but took a piece of paper off the wall and typed away at his computer-- to no avail-- i was worried... and this is exactly why i woul d not ship a dog on a friday-- i was sure he was going to  take his osha mandated coffee break before he stamped our papers... but after 2 phone calls he kasunked the heavy stamp on our wad...on 6 pages -- and signed his name.. giving me one of the 6 back again.... along with voodoo's passport looking thing.  luckily bud was still sitting at the curb- probably 30 minutes.. and we looped our way back to swiss  cargo and got voodoo in her very ample cage-- quite clean-- as the t shreadded newsprint had absorbed fluids nicely.. i bagged all those and re fluffy'd it  and we/they-- bud laura/devin got her into her crate in t he car... she seemed to see the crate as safe- . bentley was a cheerful sight to her-- however he seemed terrified of her-- and woul d n ot go near her crate all the way home..  ( think my car--- 4 people a huge crate and bentley cowering behind bud...)

we made it to find our house  department in full swing of entertaining the camera people with various signs as everyone waited.  this was recorded  u tube by twan in norway


THE LAST TEN MINUTES OF THE FLIGHT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g9g7ya5OGo
WE WERE ENTERTAINED BY THE GIRLS ATHOME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UMeOLdxW_4
VOODOO AND FOUR SDP GIRLS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UThmuVglyVg

voodoo  is here sleeping on the floor with grace---
it is going to be a slow day for everyone --- i finlly hit the bed about midnight.

one thing i need to figure out... 
the aninmal rights people have been very good at requiring attention to animals in transit
and tehre is a sticker on voodoo's crate  carefully filled out that she was watered at 16:10
and she did have water in her dishes on thre door of the crate..

my problem is... 16:10 would put her over Greenland-- in a passenger plane where she was in the cargo area
now how did that happen???  i need to have that explained to me...

th other excitement -- just before i left to go to the airporrt- i got a call from janine-- just south of new york  on rt 95 
with  the truck and trailer loaded with  rescued horses---one draft horse ( huge)  and 2 baby horses.. and 2 blown tires.. the trailer has to have been a hot  tin box...  there was no breakdown lane-- she had called 911 and AAA --i don't know what happened next but as we were going home at !!:30  it was reported  that she was back on 95 driving north..
i don't know what happened after that...they could be in this barn... or someone else's...  

stay tuned... i am going back to ... if not bed.. lying down somewhere

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