Wednesday, July 22, 2015

july 22 2015
voodoo has a lovely personality--  i am going to take yer to george today for a once over...
along with scarlot.

for a quick rundown of where we are....

mariah  99% sure  not pregnant.. no idea why  ?? grommet??
if grommet is teh reason....
... then opal 's preg is in question... if it was not already in question  for not concieving before with the surgical implant of swimmers...
mischief is in heat-- and here  --- and jasper is here.. on deck--  jasper is good-- we know he is/was fine wiht 3 great litters.. but we don't know about mischief- and there is always the question i---- is something medical going on to  stop moriah and opal from having pups already..

 with  one foot firmly planted in mid air

scarlott  came in heat yesterday.  she  had pups 6 months ago-- i know what george will say.. i think... it will be if nature had intended her to have pups in 8 months, that is why she came in heat...  but i will take her -- or at least seek his advice ovr the phone..

it could mean 3 litters at once.... we have been there before-- it is manageable--just lively  and we have some great, organized volunteers..... plus another washer dryer coming  in this cellar to make laundry easier...---but with all teh unknowns i think we shoudl take a chance and breed scarlott and bentley.......if george agrees..
so that is where i am.. as of this moment...

now don't even go to the  white dog lecture..  yes.. we could have a/some white dogs... she had 2 last time... pets... ariot and boo  are fine.....but she also had george, lars, scienna, dori, goldie  plus tony and mischief   that is 5 working  dogs and 2 breeding quality... plus 2 perfect pets... 
so we must take that risk.  if we get one more george  we need to go that road... and deal with what we are given.
so get off it. 
 breeding  animals is not for the meek....  ( or the poor... so keep buying those chicken bricks)
as people come back for their re certification-- i get to look over what we have already produced... and it is ourtstandiing---harry was here yesterday.. doing great- behaving himself-- tail wagging -- harness fits well and he is not too fat ( 3 of my biggest things to check on)
i did meet with the man from mensaic and have tried to figure out how to have a purple bonus section  for the $50 bonus which i had offered if the hen laid an egg in the process of the shatupon selection .  i have the flying egg mechanics working with a monkey fist--- but....

( HERE GOES THE REASON I WEAR THE TALL HAT AROUND HERE) i have instant recall of some very strange facts....
a chicken who's diet is not regulated by mr purdue, can be lacking in calcium even a little bit..  i doubt they would take tums to make up the difference... this lack of calcium can make for a thinner egg shell than normal...  if we can decide that store bought eggs are more uniform than ours,  we can use them to calibrate this flying egg .. bit....  having gone thru  mqaybe a dozen of our eggs- we are trying to adjust the action to accomodate the egg shell-- 
this is why donna has several eggs drying on the kitchen counter, having dipped them in purple paint.  it also explains why there are a few purple painted eggs in our freezer.... which - if you rememgber also contains bagged  frozen dead rats wiating to  have the "frozen rodent delivery company" take them to georges for his hawk rehab program.
we did not get the title "crazy acres"  by sitting around doing normal things...

that defines the projects of teh day

along with maybe giving bentley a bath... while at the airport bud and i noticed bentley "had an air about him"
and so it goes

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