Thursday, July 23, 2015

july 23 2015
I KNEW IT !!!  last night news    some guy has hacked into a car computers and can operate all your  power stuff from fairbakns alaska--this is progress??
 i think it was jeep... but it started with audio--- then  windshield wipers   then power steering, brakes, and engine-
for years i have said ... if the car computer can tell you when something is broken, it is only a matter of time before they can break it so  you need to go have it fixed by the computer holding company...think..." we should ship out 30" fan belts this week  because  next monday  all green 2012 fords will break their fan belts."
absurd....?  if it is possible, it is doable-- and some clown can decide  if it is thursday  we can put on  all jeeps  left hand blinkers.--- these people are extremely bright-- and the pair who did ht hacking were actually hired by the automotive company to do just that.

i hate it when my car makes decisions for me--- that thing that used to be the radio - being the worst.. and i am no friend of windshield wipers being connected to my headlights by an i/o switch that has noting to do with the actual on off lights, but an in sync or out of sync with the wipers.
being unsure of anything i have to put the wipers on at night to be sure my headlights are on  and if i want to  to take a quick swipe of mist off the windscreen i slow down oncoming traffic by signaling presence of a police vehicle.
society is just getting too convoluted  for me..
and then there is goldie  - ghost of the lefthand drawer---  last night pam ( and grace and gwen annie qan d a few others)-- were startled to hear a minor scratching at the front door-- clearly not a great dane--  with great fear and trepidation-- they slowly opened the front door only to have wanda dash in and make a beeeline for where voodoo was sleeping--- someone got the photo-- with  bubbles of comments that are great  -- 
hi are you a new kid- i heard you flew in a big plane - were you scared all by yourselrf-do you like it here- i can show you around...did you meet my big brother oliver?---  and there is a voodoo's bubble that says  "when does she breathe?"
it hit the nail on the head  so wanda had to sleep upstairs til thier territories got better defined.  voodoo is getting more confident --- and she is a big girl...
we did go to george's  with voodoo  for a once over... i had questions abbout her "wrists" - but 2 vets agreed that angle  would probably  change as she aged and got some nice sensible exercise...  bonnie ( our resident dvm) agreed...  her comment was that voodoo's legs were nice and straight and moved correctly-- crooked  would have been a much different problem--- i am thinking ahead to bentley-s wrists which are at much less of an angle....
meanwhile  for all breeding dogs.... i bought a few bottles of doxy from george  because the order from australia has not come yet--- and i wqs not ready for jasper and bentley to need to be put on it also.  george's doxy is 100 mg per pill-- the australia doxy is 50 mg per pill-  the cost has gopne down somewhqt since that huge spike which caused me to seek another supplier-- hence the   purchase.
we need to remind everyone-- we are a working establishment-- not a tanning booth  spa kind of place...i know it is interesting to talk to  our usual staff and volunteers, but you can talk while working... it pains me to see 2-3 of our staff-- on the payroll-- spending  too  much time standing around talking...  the worst is 3 people sittin g on the bench behind theresa- who is so polite she would try and stay in the conversation...  she needs to work-- you want to hang-- go hang in the t tent--  and just wave to megan and they come andd go with pups... they are to be training---i had to tell megan  not to be so polite... she has dogs to work...
i am hoping to get the bonus egg project done for this next shatting-- we may just have a practice run... and make it live for august.
i dunno.

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  1. That is a frightening prospect. Car computers being remotely controlled, while the riders are still inside? Not cool at all. If you’re really on the hedge about all that, it might be time to swap for an older model, something with less automated functions in it than the last. Take care!

    Micheal Miller @ Butler Kia Fishers