Friday, July 3, 2015

july 3 2015
we have new steps to the guest annex.... just before someone fell thru the oold ones...
slowly we are getting  things done... i don't know why grace decided to attack the rain gutters of the house-- there were small oak trees - must have been 3 years old growoing out of them.  i never saw the need for gutters anyway except just over a door...  the barn even had gutters qt one point before i tore them off...

breif dd today


Hello again!

Another Bing update: the 5.5 hours spent in the hotel went better than expected! Bing was more than happy to sprawl out in the bed with me (Brutus in the bed with Josh and Jackson, and Tony on the floor - always his place of choice). He slept all night...always touching some part of my body :) He was so much better in the car today! More content with treats, toys, and especially naps - basically slept the entire way. The best part of the trip today was him mastering the leash. He is one smart dog...didn't take long! Oh, and he's now best friends with a chunky bulldog. We arrived at my parents house after 13 hours and were greeted by Tizzy and Boo - I was personally so thrilled to see them (oh, and my parents too! Ha!). There are a couple videos out there of the greeting - all the dogs were so happy. Especially Bing, who was thrilled to run around their pool. After a few hours of play, he's finally asleep. Cindy comes tomorrow with her husband and their Great Dane Charlie to get Bing. He will have such a wonderful life with them. It was a pleasure to bring him down! 

Carlene White

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