Friday, July 31, 2015

july 31 2015
i had 17 topice for this mornig.s dd and got distracted...
i will try...
bless megan... she has already started keeping the training records for all the pups in training.. for the accreditation...
they ( shelia obrien) has said if we send her weeekly training records  of all teh pups from now til november she will then give us the accreditation--   i will refrain from commenting  but there is a logicqal thread....... 
then-- the calendar-- we are very lucky to have internationally renown william huber taking the phorogtaphs... but we are equally as fortunate to have kitty organizing it...  she is every bit the professional that he is...  details that would make your head spin.  down to a tailgate of  drinks,tylenol, and m&m's..  plus keeping track of what dog where...  so far i think we hafe... maybe 6 of teh 13 photod required... and they are good...
thanks for your suggestions.... even if we don't use exactly... they start us thinking... 
hot.... yes.... constant re-water all teh kennels -- and check that every dog has gates open with  access to airconditioning.
(ann.... yes..there is such a thing as conditioning of the air)
the new fan/mister  the one the football teams use seems much more reliable ?  big fogg?--- without the filter problems-  but it is less drenching  - even turned on high...... which i rather enjoyed about the other...   ?auramist?
someone sent me a web of a dane kennel in  colorado... which is 86 miles from my sister in pagosa springs---unfortunately  she is not a dog person--so i don't know why i even comment on the locatoin ---- buit the  dogs look "square".
it never ceases to amaze me how many advertizements can be forced across my field of vision by this foolish aol internet.. from dental implants to toenail fungus...   i hate to tell someone my subliminal is overflowing.
time to find my tyvek suit--- this photo bit is going to  get messy-- william has his eye on all those white dogs...with mud,
fly bys...
the sat dinner at dog fest--- i had said we would provide one menu---and people would have to figure out what to eat or bring their own... in actual fact--- we are somehow providing all the meals for 2 days....--- but the sat night one is the one everyone is focused on... lobster/steak tips with veggies corn and potatoes  plus that huge strawberry shortcake for desert..  in my experience... if a person has alot of allergies, they are fairly used to bringing their own food... which you are certainly welcome to do..  to add chicken to the menu would be another $600  and ther eis a store 4 miles   up the road  with a whole bbq chicken  for $5.  somehow people will have to survive.....
besides.... that cake  will be one of our 19th of the month cakes and we will need 2 of them even if they are huge.... that is $250  and a must have
i forget the rest...
if i had some cut and paste-- i forgot  them


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