Sunday, July 5, 2015

july 5 2015
megan has laryngitis -- i need to talk to pam-- and find out who is doing what today... i am feeling deserted ...neither steve was here yesterday--    and i can not remember if mark is coming to cook....  i need some massive help..  if we get a huge crowd even the  parking could get complicated--- 

so enjoy teh latest bella and george escapade-- and i need to get organized..... 
and get some coffee...
We had a nice day. We went to the Misery Islands in Salem. George did great on the boat and everything. Even wore his life vest. When it was time to leave Bella was on the beach and we had to have George jump back onto the boat and we weren't sure how it was going to work. So I tried to bribe George with a hot dog and he wouldn't go eat the water. So Gabi brought Bella over and put her on the boat as she was helping me load and once Bella was on the boat George jumped right on. D figures he wasn't getting on the pat with the chance of leaving Bella behind. But it was a fun relaxing family day! Much needed day for us all. Love Bella and George \uD83D\uDC78\uD83D\uDC36\uD83D\uDC9C\uD83D\uDC99

got to remember -- that is what the  struggle is all about.

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