Monday, July 6, 2015

july 6 2015
i need to think about structure of this sdp... very quickly
this guest-- richard-  is a "business type"  who concentrates on accountants, financial statements
he needs to realize the whole outfit really depends on improving a sperm delivery system..
 especially for walter... 
i need to put that in a "flow chart"  today
his head works like the accreditation bunch...  so it is good practice

today  i will try and get moriah to dah for an ultra sound...i hope... but she does not look "with child"

the sunday shatting went very quickly-- we may have broken our 16 second record for being able to announce the winner.
i barely got the 3rd bird out... actually twan recorded it and has a video somewhere. which i have seen... and ok'd

bringing to mind-- running stuff by me first...  has to be--- i am not micromanaging- altho it may look like it...
there were some vets here yesterday and i had to be sure we did not put thier pictures out all over the  internet
without thier specific permission..  cloud ran the names of the winners before i  did... i have asked her not to do that kind of thing
i remember once i had to change numbers round for a very strange reason... but lets face it... there are strange things around here.

so once again... if you don't hear it from me...  and sometimes even if you do...  etc....

the various systems around here can boil down to a board game of   "where's symon"  -- it was reallt very awkward the other day when someone asked me where symon was-- and i didn't know
grace didn't know
smiley  didn't know
megan was not answering her phone
 i finally got colleen on the phone--  who said she had him fort overnight
she had told megan
who had written it down on the board in the office..

but we were all in the barn when the question came up..
i am sure we could do all that into a board game.

scooter karen  does a great job on the kongs... but we need to get here a couple baby bottle brushes...
i will try and remember to do that today..
along with the ultra sound... GEORGE  YOU THERE?
 We stopped at Essex seafood for lunch. Had some delicious fried food and steamers! Steamers are Gabi's favorite. Bella opted for chicken fingers and fries. When George got back to the car Bella snuck him a piece of chicken for being such a good boy. When we got home we all kinda relaxed and dozed for a bit. I think everyone was wiped from being in the sun long days Friday and Saturday. Everyone was pretty tired. Bella then wanted to play lacrosse. Her new favorite game. She loves the throw the ball up and catch it all on her own. Sometimes she will even let Gabi join in. It's a good thing George was never trained to fetch a ball because then it may make the game more difficult! Now everyone is resting up for a new adventure tomorrow! Love Bella and George"

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