Wednesday, July 8, 2015

july 8 2015

this will be quick.
 on learning yesterday that moriah was not pregnant-- and not knowing why.... plan  "B" was swung into place...
why?  was it possibly grommet?  we are about to breed him to opal-- and need to catch a drip ( remember the walter episode with the rubbermaid sandwich box) and keep the drip warm  in your armpit while running to the house where we have set up the microscope to see if we have swimmers.... one headed one tailed swimmers not swimming in circles...
that is in place-- we can not seem to get the microscope to read into  the computer -- if we can find someone to do that i can show you all  the photos...  but don't hold your breath...
opal has had a wierd cycle

got to run   ---"business" people  driving me nuts...

but if anyone has time -- i would love to have the breeding approval from the DDC for a dog named hedon...


I honestly have good news.  :)  You likely heard from Rachel but wanted to make sure with all the activity.  Bella and George are coming to SDP on Thursday to mailcall...and will have cash and can meet Richard!!!  You can't do better than those two except maybe Ethyl.  :)  

Bella, George and I are so excited to be going to Crazy Acres on Thursday! We will be there for mail call with the T-shirt donation check! Thank you to all who bought shirts and supported SDP and Boston Children's Hospital. We truly appreciate all the support. There has already been a lot of interest in shirts again so we may start another order in September. If you want to get on that mailing list follow the link so we can send a email to you when we start taking orders! But dont forget to tune in Thursday night to see the final total!!
If you would be interested in purchasing a Team Bella & George shirt, please enter the information below, and we will email you with a pre-order link when we do it again. We will need to have a minimum of 200 shirts to place another order.


Hi Carlene,
Fiona and I are doing well. She hated the loud fireworks near our house and went between the couch and the desk. We went to a party with 17 people inside because it was raining and I thought that the activity would bother her, but she lay next to me and did not seem to mind. She is such a joy.Volunteering at the Family and Childrens Society is still good. There is pleanty of room for her to lay and it is in an area where I don't have to worry about anyone stepping on her tail.There is a cat there, but she stays away. Fiona was afraid of the cat at the vets, but there has been no problem thus far. We are coming to see you in October and looking forward to it.
Please give my love to all the staff and volunteers who do such a super job.
Fiona and Mary Lou

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