Thursday, August 13, 2015

aug 13 2015
with charlotte's help.....we have found lee-- who served the ben and jerry's banquet here before... and she is ready to tackle dogfest ! that is the sunday afternoon meal/refreshments ---  ice cream sundaies--- toppings/whipped cream and all the fixigs  ---that gets one important item off my to do list.. she is minus the black and white "cow"  truck... but everything else is ok..

now  the details of the sat night meal which will be lobster, steaktips.corn on th ecob , roasted veggies ppotatoe salad and a 19th of th e month type strawberryshortcake cake.. the are are a couple people who wanted  chicken- anne said she would go get a couple bbq   at the market to have with the veggies, -- last year the chicken this company  had was dreadful-- they are a lobster company... somehow there should be plenty to eat of something.

other than finding  a few more tables and chairs.... i think that   mark has everything else under control...
well... there is one big prep.... i am having a tree company come  and "lower" about a dozen trees that could cause large trouble.... like over the drivewya, the g-tent,the nutt house.. they will spend the day  8/19-- with trucks and things..  if they get to chipping up the branches, fine--- otherwise we can deal...  it is those big/dead/ leaning on another tree  tyope that must be cleared away before dogfest..----     well actually before they fall on their own...  cutting down a leaning tree is not for the unexperienced...they are called widdow makers.
here's a problem----now that we have seen puppies in opal,  i find that everyone is slipping her an extra treat because she is possibley "eating for 10"-- she is already not thin-- this coudl be we know-- what goes on  stays on...
speaking of that... i hope we remember to weigh her before she starts having pups-- i have always been curious--- if we weigh her... and the pups afterwards... what tis the weight of just plain goop that is produced.  it is significant...  this is where we throw away some blankets, and don't even try and clean them up.
an fyi--- someone sent  a card to keep in your wallet--
 "i have a dog at home...if i am in an accident - the instructions are on the back of this card..."
a worthwhile concept  for some...
We have a card and letter on the way to SDP with a gift from our family to SDP in honor of our recent marriage. 

Casper was the best man and we have some lovely photos of him. I will be mailing you copies once they are printed as well. 
The location of the ceremony was outdoors on a hill with an uneven stone path. Dan would never have navigated it so easily without Casper. With just his cane he likely would have fallen more than once. He didn't even stumble!
and meaty steve... even sent a picture-- i sent him dryer lint because he gave me a lecture one night at mail call about recycling the toilet paper tubes, stuffing them with dryer lint and using them for fireplace starters-- i bet he got the idea from how many houses burn down from dryer lint !!  as his knee heals- he can play with toilet paper tubes.
Well - thank you so much for the lint! Got it yesterday. I am already concocting various uses, hopefully creative. I've also come to appreciate your 're-use' of various medical paraphernalia around the house. I wanted to water some of my plants,and couldn't carry a watering can while on crutches. Then I remembered they gave me a couple of urine bottles (new ones) when I came home from the hospital. Voila. Small enough and with a handle to carry, holds water and has a cap to prevent spillage. Perfect. So I am now repurposing the 'Plant Urinator' for watering. After all, urine is rich in nitrogen....... No - I'll stick to plain water. Thanks for the inspiration! We'll talk soon, and hope you are feeling well. Steve