Saturday, August 15, 2015

aug 15 2015
twannnnnn... i assume all is redy for the arrival of neal on the 18th... i would feel alot better if someone would ask me to go to the bank - and then give me the flight details ( with those flight  tracking details)
the hole in chester's side continues to confuse  me....-- some of you saw it on camera.... it is not small.. about a 4" three corner tear on his rib cage...... clean edges.. a slice kind of thing-- with flap...-- in my half vast experience- i would imediately say there is a sharpo edge/point / .nail  somewhere.. like as he rushed /  squeezed thru a door with the other two dogs he caught it on something.   because  he could reach it to lick it and it was not spurting blood, she/we opted to let mommy nature do her thing with it...  i have seen far worse heal -(-in the origional  spotted harlequin pattern,, which really bewildered me)

being slightly hardheadded, ( WHO ME??) i am going to have to stay with that  sharp nail opinion.... pam said she was sitting right next to the 3 of them and chester and whit got in a small "tussle"  after which the tear was there.
i have a real problem with that... because....--  if you have ever tried to stick a fat needle in a dog's hide to insert ont of those ID pieces of rice, you would know how tough it is to get the needle in without sticking it in your own thumb.
i will still maintain the hole was there-- and after today's email from her- i reinforced that...

I think we have turned a corner in his feeling better. I had to open another room when we got home, as he was pretty vocal towards keeping Whit away. It was a bit scary actually since he is so mild mannered. This caused Whit to be depressed. lol.. really.. He let Whit near him yesterday for a couple minutes so Whit is happy again. I was cleaning and keeping covered during the busiest fly time of the day. Uncovered last night and I think he ate the skin flap or something cause it looks gone now and when he just got up he went right out, let Martha and Whit near him and he started playing with toys.

i maintain he had that gash when he was lying arounf on the deck with her and it being on the far side, she didn't see it.. and the facrt that chester did not want whit near it is what happened when she described teh small "tussle" -
that tear would take more than a "tussle" and there would be massive surrounding teeth holes as the other dog grabbed.. plus he would have about had to pick chester up by the skin to tear like that-- if then..
then think of the geometry if dog #1 had that kind of a hold on the rib cage of dog #2 then dog #1 would have his teeth available to do significant damage to dog #2... most dog fights involve grabbing necks so that the bittee 's biting
 mechanizms are incapasitateed by the bittor.
i maintain pam should keep looking - and appologise to whit...
so i will coninue with my "keep looking for a nail in a doorway speech"
my trip to home depot with the trailer was most profitable... 
 their 70% off bin was full of really good stuff which i coul d not have bought if i did not have the trailer to haul it hometwo 12' long 4x4 --- three 12' long expensive plastic things (?plastic wood is ont of those 'horse sense' expressions-- can't be both) those are great for patching...a bunch of crooked 2x4's-- construction on crazy acres is geared to crooked anyway. we probably saved $150 and the stuff will just be around as availaable stock for repairs i had a really good run thru the place with bentley pulling me with rose doggie's new harness... works fine...maybe that should be a calendar shot... i would need goggles and a helmet ... it was fun...
finally the world has discovered how to bet on 2 fighting things that does not involve animals... i watched robot fighting last night after mythbusters-- people screaming and yelling as two robots bashed each other knocking wheels off and spitting fire at each other... perfect solution fo r those who find the need to wager on something with hopes that it makes them become "the winner"- these robots provided more instantaneous winners than a football team.


  1. Maybe take s pic of Chester's gash and send to vet? Wouldn't hurt

  2. Maybe take s pic of Chester's gash and send to vet? Wouldn't hurt