Monday, August 17, 2015

aug 17 2015
slim pickins today
many last minute arraingements to make for neal's arrival-- calling the netherlands on 5 phones that are misbehaving..  won't charge, no base...why today.. 
and a ll the directions are  not in english...
and i need to fax a signed xxxx  before 9 so i have to run to staples... with a phone and fax  number i can not make work.

looking for grace...
my message i needed to get to volunteers today is ,, if you are available on the 19th, the tree peiple will be here. and i would like to havethem do the dropping and cutting.. so if we can do the branch dragging we can make better use of them  they said theyw would be here 7:30 to 300-- with all their machinery .. like lifts and chippers...
Just wanted to thank you, your staff and volunteers.  You do such a wonderful job for and with the dogs. I visited on Monday and worked on the farm. I live in florida, I'm an avid silent CP since Merlow and PI delivered pups. When we were invited to New Hampshire to visit friends, I couldn't pass up the chance to visit the farm. They were kind enough to let me use their car to spend the day at the farm. I was so impressed with everyone and everything.  The Dogs are beautiful, gentle and so well cared for. 

I was so welcomed by everyone I met. Shannon was awesome with guiding me through the day, as it was my first visit. I met many staff and volunteers, you have all made a great impression on me with your dedication to the dogs, I will forever be grateful for meeting you all.

I have never enjoyed, laundry, sweeping, watering, picking up poop and playing with dogs so much in my life.

Thank you, your staff and volunteers for all you do, to help those in need of service dogs. Without you there would not be these Gentle Giants who change so many lives.

Cindy DeArmond
Naples FL

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