Tuesday, August 25, 2015

aug  25 2015
all of a sudden  things are happening...   like puppies coming....
and maybe it is time i paid attention

#1.  DD--daily doggie --   annie has been after me for a long time abotu "there is a book already written in the past  daily doggies.."and she printed up a bunch starting n 2011 -- about an inch of them... - i need to go thru them and figure out a way to make them fall in some kind of logical  procession.. particularly with dog training concepts.. not really started o n my part yet.
#2.  SHAT   dawn (stedmans dawn) liked my putting out " a package"  for a silent auction frame of the chicken bit  which could give us more visabioity and cost us about 10 cents to do...i have started to think about it.  with kati, anne and kitty.. 
 #3.   AE  animal episodes....  laura found my file of movie and advertising jobs in the cellar and i pulled a few during mail call-- which got a very big response.. i do remember alot of them--- they are a scribbled mess of what was 2  sheets.. a card and  that flimsy ncr duplicating paper.. teh cards are pretty well numbered and what amounts to 3 packed shoeboxes of 3x4 index cards full of   ...stuff-  and i do have a portfolio of photos... ect  somewhere.. i am swamped with the volume    and need help with that one.

i have had several cp's offer to help with  any or all 3 of these things... it is very difficult to try and figure out who can do what long distance-   and even after you have been here for dog fest or working, i most often can not put your name with the  memory of your work... 
sooo.....  to package the concepts....

 i have often said annie gets more done slower thatn anyone except my sisiter fran...  so maybe... annie... could you set upa separate email and have people send  you dates of funny or training or whatever???? and compile that info???

dawn has already got requests for the discs that we have not put togetehre-- but i asked kati... anne... and  kitty who has  a bundh of professional experience of some sort ( she does teh calendar for us) to keep themselves organized and functioning as a group with emails and include me in them.

 someone  with good eyesight could make a spreadsheet of the file of job slips---- it would have to be done here... i don't want them off the property...  mostly so i could sort by animal  and remember  specific jobs in a more orderly fashiion.

this .. at the moment would involve a separate set of accounting... i just do not see how to include anthing like this with sdp without gettin g into things i do not understand/.... like tanning booths on the  sdp 990..  so for the moment  we coul d have a  crazy acres account.. which i could "feed"   i do not expect anything like a profit for many years.... meantiem  it can not be an "expense " of sdp...

i had figured those disc's would clearly state that they were donated to  sdp and steadmans school ( or whoever) by "the crazy acres" (me)  which would keep the money separate... no way can i deal with a n overenthusiastic accountant who needs reciepts for every #2 pencil. 

who knows---
janine's book has been very well recieved and last i knew had  5 stars recomendation on amazon..

besides all that.. i have had several requests to start up the nutty professor bit-- which -- again is no particular problem.. i have the media... but need  input-- so i asked paul (son has tess)  to find "stuff"  he and i watched teh wally wallington video  on moving big stones and buildings by hand..( great for the mechanically inclined-- and done by me on nutty professor) it got us inspired...

so with help i hope i can do those again... they are fun to do...  simple physics -- levers..syphon..energy... work..etc..
which reminds me... somewhere here i have a tuning fork i could ust to spash water around.( from my husbands practice...lord knows why)

i asked a highschool friend ( engineer) to help with ideas also...  bu t i noticed he has not opened the dd for the past 3 days.
 i hope he is all right????????#1 steve??????

so that lays out the goals  for the  next week/ month/year???? 

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