Saturday, August 8, 2015

aug 8 2015
grommet is grinning  after another 20 minute tie.

i am ready to write THE next book-  i at least have the concept down pat. ..thanks to a  typical bout of insomnia---- now ---in case i don't have enough fillers... it would be very helpful if some of you who have some free time to go back and identify some of the better daily doggies-- lets face oit... there is an awful lot of drivlle amid the gems...
this fool daily doggie goes back ??12-15 years???

we need to committee-erize...
annie had a feel for the project.. maybe she can help...she is very efficient....and takes on impossible chores and gets them done !!
as i was thinking thru people i remember... which is not too many...
 i realized  rose doggie-- who does alot of  sewing should  head up a "stitches for bltches" group.
anne pederson can be in chqrge of proofreading the english-- seeing as english is not her native tongue, she learned the rules of the language -- i can not fathom the intelectual ability  involved with learning that bit about mouse and mice and  house and hice.. 
 somebody published a great poem on  that  a few weeks ago... 
 when i was in scotland i often heard..... "whatever happened to the  american decision that english would be the official language.?? "   with good reason

janine found out that book writing is not all that easy --- especially if you demand perfect grammer/spelling.... so that would be teh first debate...  shoul dit be  the "origional text?"
spellcheck be damned !
there is some indian saying  that "only God made things perfectly" so their handmade articles often had some irregularity..  i like that concept.
bud waqs here yesterday-- to wave his hand over the electric gate project...  we can continue  and maybre he can deal withthe specifics tomorrow.  he reports that the pond fountain is faulty... and keeps tripping the breaker.  bud is an actual electritian- - so he has poked and prodded all the wires and bits, and if he says the pond fountain pump  is  the problem i wm totally willing to accept that.-- next [orblem is do i get another matching fountain or go for a different shape.
i think the cataloge is  "the pond" 
since the "V" pen camera is live... you can watch the gate prgress online.......the gate posty is set-- the concrete at the bottom must have set by concept in fence post management is   get the bottom of the post exactly right and firm--- the n fill the hole and put another wad of concrete near  the top- and it doesn't seem to move. this post is only a 4 x 6   because we already had i have "scabbed "  on a 2 x 6 to the back for good luck.  if it does not work we can pull it out and start with the correct stuff.   you will note  we had to attach a pipe so we could run a cable support...  it will be fun ( to some) to watch us diddle withthe adjustment for that.

for those of you who will be setting gates --- i don't think we can have a wheel at the far end because it giggles enough to set off the adjustment for the gate to think  "i have hit something" .... so it has to hang...
saturday with no  steve--- or lambchops..  i was numbering the steve's around ehre... meatcutter steve was ?? 3 or 4??---- i do remember  steve one has been here once.
i have soooo nuch writing to do anyway-- now to have the book in the lineup also... somewhere i have dictating machines...i will ry and locate... there is a huge collection of "black electrical things"  split into 2 divisions  " with wires " and "without wies"  i would guess it would be without wires..
you all have no idea of the quantity of just plain stuff,,,, that we own.. and need ocassionally. 

 problem is to find it.

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