Sunday, September 13, 2015

sept 13 2015
i am gled she issued this warning... a visit at sdp is a working vacation-- withh accent on the working..  i have yet  to  not be able to find a chore for everyone here..

there are no tanning booths a( regardless of what the IRS 990 form  thinks)

I've been watching new puppies born at Service Dog Project and just read a wonderful description posted by a visitor about her and her daughter's working visit. Jim & I are planning to go there soon and it has gotten me thinking. The following may sound a bit sappy but it is heartfelt. Read on at your own risk
Volunteering at SDP is work....It is impossible to truly describe a working visit! There are no words to convey the sounds or feelings that are present every day. Or to know the exhausted, sell-fulfilled, emotional feelings & thought that flood over me the few minutes (if that long) after my head hits the pillow. The quiet I hear and feel in the stillness of the nights. The marvel of the fact 30-50 dogs are quiet all at one time. The energy mixed in with the tiredness and soreness when rising in the mornings. And knowing I am a small but very important part of an organization of WONDERFUL people who want nothing more than to make life better for others. It restores my faith in humankind to meet so many hard working, kind volunteers & staff members, led by a woman who thinks out side the box. Crazy Acres eludes love from all its pores and affects all ages---and just enough sadness and loss to make the wonderfulness more evident.
In the morning of the first day you get up and do you normal morning routine; fix hair, apply makeup, decide what to wear etc. If you stay a few days even die-hard hair fixer, makeup wearers soon realize that is not only a waste of time but has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with anything involved with SDP and the extra few minutes are better spent sleeping. The cameras you started out doing anything to avoid become non-existent and you try harder to do more in the hours you have there than even you knew you were capable of doing. It is a place of respite and beauty. 
The lives of many within the cyber community that is SDP have been and will continue to be enlightened many fold by giving enjoyment and allows even the person farthest away to be a valuable part of the mission. 
There is no effort or contribution "too small" to be important. I will forever be thankful for finding and being welcome to volunteer at SDP and feel pride in knowing I have a tiny part in making the lives of 100+ recipients' easier and much more enjoyable. And I am thankful for making many new friends (personally & cyber) at this stage of my life. If anyone is interested---EVERY CENT donated to this organization goes directly for the breeding, raising & training of the service dogs and they are given at no cost to the recipient. Many recipients are Veterans with brain injuries, balance issues and PTSD.  Simple things like listing SDP when shopping on Amazon or using GOOD SEARCH can raise large amounts of money. Carlene, the owner, has said she has no millionaire supporters but can achieve results with a million "dollaraires" 
The website has a list of the ways to donate.  For enjoyment go to the following sites and view everything happening including the live birth of puppies at any  time.
SERVICEDOGPROJECT.ORG and click on explore--- or ...EXPLORE.ORG and search great danes....

it is live cameras... and beats CNN for interesitng watchng.

From Bella's Mom:
"Another gorgeous day here in Ma! Perfect weather and lots of fun in the sun. We went to Newbury to the Ipswich Brewery fall festival. They have food, beer, animals, a bouncy house, and baseball games. It was so great being surrounded by friends old and new and our family. Bella played pretty hard
and fell asleep on the way home. That also meant George played hard. He started as a working dog with his vest on and then Bella was with a couple friends who take great care of her and Bella decided George could have a break and play with the other dogs and kids while she hung out with her pals.
George met big dogs and little dogs. But non quite as big as he is. It was a wonderful day.
We broke 200!!!!! T-shirts that is. We would really love to make it to 400 so that we can get the great pricing. Let's see if we can push for 225 by tomorrow night! Share the page, share the link on your timeline, tell your friends and family how awesome team Bella and George are! Then I think we can do it.
T-shirts start at only $10 if you live close by and can pick it up but otherwise to have one shipped to you they start at $15! Not to bad for great quality cotton shirts. Thanks in advance our friends. Here is the link.
Love Bella and George

Carlene White