Thursday, September 17, 2015

sept 17 2015
i had all kinds of brilliant ideas at 2am... and didn't write them down...
so i am feeling less than brilliant.

most amusing thing of the moment......
 i got up to take over from grace before 5am   so she coudl get some sleep
and she opted to stay in the "nursery" on the barker beds... 2 of tehm... she ie tall

this barker bed bit is getting serious....i have now tried the mattress topper concept-- and it is better than none... but those dog beds are so far  better than anyth9ng else i have slept on... i know pam likes them... an d now to have grace choose to stay on them as opposed to sleep on a regular bed upstars, is another statement...

i am going to have to write to mr barker.....  maybe i should get a few other people to try them on camera... maybe mail call today...

now about mail call....  i am thinking we should be doing mail call with as many dogfest people who are  around....
the pig is getting  painted... 
and the   purina collection is gathering in the g tenbt...-- there are some beauts there... not sure what we can do with them yet....  we do have some red carpet......  ??mark's camera???   video????    get some models togethere???
maybe by sunday  the cp's can get it organized...

we had an anon person donate $25,000 thru a law firm in boston... many thanks....   i do not have a clue....  my profound thought of the day is ....  whoever you are i am sure  you are realizing you are making teh difference in  people's lives... as have all the $10 and $1 donations  which  cumulatively  ---keep us going...

In the "charity horse show"  world- there is usually  a "patron's tent" for people who donate  over some healthy ammount....
It always blew my mind...  if you believed in the charity- why do you need a patron's tent with a rope around it  to define your gift, rather than just the knowledge that your donation helped someone?

we should put up an umbrella tp define someone who got 37 more people addicted to watching sdp online.  
there is a broadway show tune  about "there's saftey in numbers, is what i 've been told."
i think that has to do with boyfriends... but the concept is good.
closely related to that concept is
someone told me......
  the fine for a speeding ticket in finland  can  be $15,000-- 
because the fines are based onthe income-
what a marvelous idea....!!!!
$15,000 to some people is about as painful as $15. to the rest of the world.
and  a great source of income for the police...
 something is expanding our viewers--- we are getting alot of requests "to do"--- or about things-- that the normal crowd os cp's  know all about... like  ---what is mail call??  --- what is the daily doggie??---    so when you detect  a stranger in your midst .. help them out--
Hi Carlene,
I’ve been watching Doggie Daily for a long time. My wife loves your dogs, and of course she drags me in to watch all the births.
Carlene, I nationally self-syndicate a newspaper column about people with disabilities. You can learn more at I’d like to interview you for that column over the telephone, which should take no more than 25 minutes. The interview would focus on the various people your dogs have helped. I’d also like a short history on your organization. Are you interested?
If so, send me a telephone number.
My best to you.
Daniel J. Vance MS, LPCC
Hi Carlene:

I am the music Director at NSUU Church, Danvers on Route 35 ...Might you  be
interested in speaking at the church some Sunday about the Service Dog Project.... 

 we’d love to have you   come to do that if possible.  We’re thinking of the month of January, 2016.  We
have the theme of “justice” that month and we thought justice for the people you
serve with your beautiful dogs and perhaps justice for the dogs also! 

in peace, Judy
now that will be a first