Friday, September 18, 2015

SEPT 18,2015


It was great to be back at the farm and to see you all today! I have a contribution for Doggie Daily: try as I might, I can't replicate your unique style of writing well enough to ghost write the Doggie Daily, but I tried to come close with mimicking the New England accent! Here's my contribution. 

"Widda Great Dane, e'erybody yor Naybuh"

Don't get me wrong. There's nothing more charming than a friendly face speaking a Boston accent. We always enjoy traveling back East, but this was our first time returning to the Boston area with Ethel. And this time, I've never encountered so many new "naybuhs jus' wantin' ta halp". 

It was incredible, heads turned, people stood, chairs were pushed in and cars stopped whenever we went by. All through downtown to north end to the back bay neighborhoods of Boston, I got offers for help from some of the friendliest Bostonians I'd ever met. People have this reaction to Ethel in the Midwest, as well, but this was a remarkably different Boston than I'd known before. 

"Gawd, dat's a huss ya got dere!" We heard over and over again, but left and right strange things were happening. First our rental car got upgraded without asking because Ethel had the bluest eyes our attendant had ever seen. Then our parking ticket for the garage got validated without needing a payment from a nice gentlemen who owned a Corgie himself. Then "wadduh" was brought out to Ethel by strangers whenever we stopped for coffee or to eat or even just to rest for little while. People moved aside in lines, mainly so they could snap photos of us. Our table at dinner was in a remote spot with beautiful scenary looking over the Harbor, while people crowded in the terrace. What was happening?

I can only deduce that Bwahstan, a favorite city already, is a city of people who appreciate relationships. Bostonians responded to the relationship I have with Ethel with the friendliness of a "naybuh", love responding in kind to love. 

I knew I gained a travel buddy with Ethel. I didn't know I'd also gain the help and kindness of hundreds of new "naybuhs" as well. 


Good morning,
Thomas continues to amaze me, as well as the folks around town. When they see him, there is still that moment of awe at his size and overall handsomeness, but it moves quickly past that. They seem so accustomed to well-behaved dogs in public places that they really notice and acknowledge  how stellar he is.
I’ve relied on that stellar performance quite a few times during the stresses of moving. He’s s been there for me (okay, there were one or two times I had to wake him up first). JAs we approach our three-year anniversary - wow - I truly can’t remember life without him.
A big HELLO to all those at DogFest. Pick up a bag of poops for me.
Renee & Sir T