Saturday, September 19, 2015

SEPT 19 2015
i am not totally with it this morning... there are so many things to do before dog fest....a nd it is now....but... what is amazing is ... there are soooooo many people capable of helping do everything that i continue to be shocked...
 it is wonderdul to be able to siT at "outside mailcall" and
 ask someone to go get my" boxcutter knife- and there were at least 6 speople who knew exactly where it was kept ( with the ghost --- in my left hand drawer )
trash got picked up --- boxes collapsed and orer restored....
cza continues to be a learning environment for "city folk"....---
kudos to the fire building crew... when asked to boil water in a pot over THE  OUTDOOR FIREPIT, they were seen to both be on their phones and did get a pot boiling in about an hour total -- purpose being to boil water for ears of corn-- maybe sunday..******
the spirit sticks are beautifully interesting.... and can be seen on the puppy hill camera...
we ae going to set up more tables on the grass by the guest house-- the scene of last year's bolt of lightning "somewhere over the rainbow" bang/crash******
-- camera mark... bless him... has a new toy... a drone-- with camera... so he will be playing with it-- the pictures it takes are darn interesting.... THEY WILL BE APPEARING FROM MARK.****NOW... IN SPITE OF TEH FACT THAT THERE WILL BE HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE HERE TODAY... CHORES MUST BE DONE-- SO I BEST GET AT IT...**************Hi Carlene, I'm very sorry Princess Ruckus & I could not make it to Dogfest. We are there in spirit (stick)ha ha! I would like to comment on your DD post of last Sunday 9/13 by CP Susan. It was a great read & all so true. Yes, you marvel at how quite it can be with 30-50 dogs at SDP, the emotional feelings & energy experienced, & an "organization of WONDERFUL people who want nothing more than to make life better for others." I want to thank all the CPs who generously & unselfishly give their time and donations to this great organization. As a recipient I'm truly one of the lucky ones & it would not have been possible without all of you. THANK YOU!!! Last year I was at Dogfest following up on my letter of inquiry & letter of invitation to visit SDP. Upon arrival for my visit I was completely caught off guard by this Dogfest thing. However, all of your enthusiasm & kindness quickly put me at ease. You were all so welcoming answering my many questions & helping me to navigate to meet those beautiful Danes. As I sit here composing this (Ruckus is asleep on the lounge/throne lol) I reflect on meeting so many of you who came from near & far. Many helped me from my wheelchair into the v-pen to visit with the pups, scooter Karen shared some of her treat "stash" on puppy hill, Grace, Megan & Katie were so patient answering my questions, & Carlene gave me the ultimate test. I got out of my wheelchair & walked hanging on to my son's back pocket. Yeah, his pants stayed up! It has been a fantastic year & with Princess Ruckus's help I've become stronger physically & mentally. I've been able to continue my volunteer work (Ruckus loves the kids), I'm not as afraid to venture out in public on my own, I can walk in my yard, and the wheelchair has sat folded up in my garage for over 8 months! So, to all in celebration of Dogfest 2015 Princess Ruckus & I say "have a great time & thank you woof woof." Live, love, laugh
Carlene White