Wednesday, September 23, 2015

sept 23.2015
our shakedown dinner meeting  for dogfest 2015 was delightfull
sdp in general seems to be an army that runs on it's belly... 
 so with full bellies last night 12 of us ran barefoot thru the details of 2015 looking onward to 2016...

 the generic comment  from the people leaving for the airport,"the weekend far exceeded expectations- and we'll be back"
the generic comment from  the volunteers "how the heck did we pull that off ?" and many thanks to those who did work on it-- no way could we survive without everyone who participates in this sdp.

i made a list of 18 "happenings" for the 2 days - asking people to fill in the 1-10 of favorites
and  interaction with recipients was #1 .closely related to the video of recipients ( which i have not seen yet)
 the other highly rated... outdoor mailcall rated  #2 ---  
   with the icecream , fashion show, and having pups outside  all tied for third... 
 race and spirit stick parade were  4th

biggest complaint was  changing of  scheduling... where we moved the spirit parade to sunday afternoon.

sticking to a schedule has never been my forte.... and altho the change was logical, i forgot all the people on camera that might have been looking for it on saturday morning.  the way these inspirations go ( brainstorms are soemtimes hard to plan ahead...) we decided teh solution was to have a white board  by the puppy hilll  camera   with upcomeing events and schedule changes there.

my logic was to keep everything loosely strung so we could partake of whatever came to mind..  if we had a strict schedule we never would have been able to predict it would be a good idea to bring the pups out for people to see... it was soooooo weather dependent... likewise-- the race and fashion show were spur of the moment ideas which were do-able because we did not  have anything else planned.  

so altho i did admit to mark i have some rethinking to do on the topic.... i think a white board will be a solution.  i am not willing to  pack the  schedule so people have tooooo much planned time.... to do things like........ rig ropes and little life rafts in the water buckets in the barn so mice who have fallen in the water can climb out.--- there were some pretty interesting projects developed because  timing was casual---  like cleaning all the dryer vents because steve said that is how you are supposd to start a fire...-
 i also made note that i should have a planned list of activities to prevent inertia from setting in too often in the t tent...
we decided  the "same"  weekend next year  (?9/17/16  9/18??)
hotel well recieved--
 parking in the flat field... got full-- if we grow that will be a problem...
theresa - being an ex hotel/ travel/ airlines person- she suggested she try and rig a shuttle system
because of our new accountant, all money  must be handled by theresa --- more "strict"  books kept than when i did the 990.--.
the catering was good this year
G-TENT SHADE WAS WONDERFUL.... as was the hill  looking onto the  pond for just sitting- easily 10 degrees cooler...
music group-- N.S. accapella-- shouel be invited back...
i should have done a question and answer session...
tanner is a super big golf cart driver and tour guide.
 the food planning  needs better attention...  apparently there were some  who did not pay because they did not want  a lobster when there was a choice of steak tips  plus a weekend of  cake... ice cream... corn ..  coffee...  chicken ..sandwiches etc.... nobody went hungery -- or thirsty...we  went thru cases of soda-- and water.... totally unrelatd to lobster..
 i think we decided all purple shirts and all recipients should get free meals....-- but husbands and children of recipients need to think...  maybe put out the donor pig...( which collected $411.00  this weekend)
then we got to shirts...  we have some left over-- annie is going to count sizes... for sale somehow-- ask theresa..
mark's drone ws popular-- i think  he needs an assistant to keep his tech stuff  running-- tanner was suggested
the recycled fluffy's into quilts was a huge success- 

and things like that..
any additions or corrections???

now to work on the  calendar????? quickly ?????  kitty??????  where are you???

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