Thursday, October 29, 2015

oct 29 2015
i must be feeling better.... i have emptied my desk-- and the dryer--either of which was an unsurmountable chore a week ago.
could be i just quietly had a mental enema and threw it all away...

i am all fired up to fix the  things i could only lie in bed and think about last week...

like bolt cutting this ^&%^&* puppy fence-- it is actually white shelving from home depot-- AND WE OWN 17 MILES OF GHE STUFF..... SOMEWHERE  but the one 6 foot piece here is  causing a trip factor - along with pointy ends---  so today  if i can get my hands on the bolt cutters i am going to cut the fool thing in half  --- this is instead of locating the3 foot pieces whch are stored ......... somewhere... it is a bad decision... it  is easier to  shorten the stuff than legnth  it... however  i think i know where the bolt cutters are.
i am certainly " relocating" the bed sheets-- i ordered deep pocket  queen size sheets- whatever  i have is a mismatch for my mattress as i tripped over  about 4 feet of  too long beautiful smooth sheets every morning 
problem  #37----having a puppy progress meeting with trainers this morning t 9am.
 we need to set up some...... scratch that---** I ** need to set up some rules about  handling these 32 pups.
yesterday  i listened in horror as a group ov wonderful volunteers tried to shift the group from one location to the next-- 3 people all saying  "pup  pup pup" at the same time from 3  different locations-- so one of the pups - ran a quick circle, figured the sky was falling and ran under the sofa... this left  us with   one person  in the hall, one in th back room and one on thier hands and knees  all saying pup pup pup..... so-- clear your head to be like a pup involved....and if you ran to the back room- as the humans intended there were 2 people calling you back to the security of where you had been-- so you better turn aournd and try and get home...  is caused a human to stick their hand in  your way an turn you around so you ca'n get "home" to the person on their hands and knees calling pup pup pup by the sofa.
need a better picture?  to move the pups  from   home " A "--- thru the hall "B"  to back room  "C" --with 3 poeple  calling. 

if i actually am a brave pup-- i get up in A,,, trot over to B who is calling me....where i can see C calling me-- i nearly get there ,  at which point i realize i am all alone and turn to look where i have been and realize B is calling me that direction  so i go  to B and now these people are making odd calling noises in 2 different directions--- and they thnk i am confused..  darn right.

how to screw up a bunch of puppies quickly....
so my solution---  a trainer must be in attendence if they are to be moved....and any trainer who does not take the time to understand teh above scenerio  can go pick poo for a while.
so there !
see  i  am  feeling better, and louder
which brings to light another terrible topic- which could be life threatening.
tomorrows fyi.. the ultimate "whoa"-- said properly and loudly , if i say something just do it first, then lets discus why if you woul d like-- 

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