Friday, October 30, 2015

oct 30 2015
next  to the word that george is #1 service dog  by the akc.... next best news...

from ADI Assessor, Sheila O'Brien, at this week's meeting, the ADI Accreditation
Review Committee has approved Service Dog Project for full five-year ADI re-accreditation.  Congratulations to everyone on the team at SDP! I will follow up ASAP with your formal approval letter and other information, but wanted to share the good news right away.   Best wishes, Lynn Lynn Hoekstra Accreditation Coordinator*************
as a tiny little kid of maybe 8 years old..... my mother who stood very tall over me--- stuck her finger out in my face and said "if a policeman tells you to stop.   you stop--- you don't even move"  -i have passed on her wisdom to gwen and janine  and janine said she passed to her son colby.  you stop-- then you worry about the details later.....

with animals--- which includes a  dog - or horse---or kid....(or me with accreditation) that is raised never to know the restraint of  "the  lesson of the rope"  has a chunk missing... " if you don't discipline your animal- the world will".  There is  a situation with a horse- that every horse owner knows well ( if you have had a bunch of horse experience).
as a young horse "learning the ropes" if he is  haltered and tied to a wall/tree/whatever  he will at some point decide the rope is attacking him and will back up with great force. and tug and fall backwards.... if the rope /halter does not break  he will be a normal horse and probably not do that again.  however if  that rope breaks, he will stand for 3 seconds  at which time his brain will process "if you pull hard enough you get loose" and will be dangerous  to himself and people for life.  "he flys back"   has sent many a horse to  an early grave..... all because  the horse has  learned to fight the advice/authority of the rope. 

you have seen pups gp thru  the same thing learning about a leash-- pulling backwards flying forward... just not understanding-- easier to deal with  a 20 pound pup  than a 1200 pound horse -  but also  dogs are much more intelligent than a horse and  learn hitting the end of the leash gets them no where-- once they know that... the rest is easy - and the better behaved, the more enjoyable  life will be for them...

me with accreditation... see ----i am still fighting the rope---- i am certainly glad we are accredited for the next 5 years... but i kicked and fought all the way...i hate to admit the new method of keeping training notes is a testament to megan and team..... and it is possible for me to grab papers and understand were every'dogs training stands... in the past i had to ask,  794 rheems of paper later, i can go look it up myself.  this is progress? . i am unwilling to be left behind- but i am not happy about what we had to go thru.

I can not see why children are any different-  they learn to behave. .. or they do get left behind  one way or another.  my significant  problem is  to try and have teachers deal with discipline  at the expense of educating the  brighter, well behaved kids who need the education.  in Scotland i was amazed to be in a situation where at one minute past the hour the teacher started lecturing for 45 minutes- then left- and nobody cared if you got it or not...300 in the class- no coddling- and Scotland's educational system has turned out more than it's share of scholars.  you certainly were never allowed to disrupt anyone else's education. 
LIKE TO POST IT IN THE DD. Before SDP I had never heard of a monkey fist, so I did a little reading to learn about them. I discovered how sailors tie them on to the ends of light lines in order to make them easier to throw/catch. I imagined one being thrown to someone on a dock, to help pull a ship safely to shore. That is what CPs mean to me. No matter what time of day or night, anyone in need of support can throw their monkey fist virtually out to the rest of the CP world, and there is always someone, somewhere across the globe, to catch it and pull the person in need in to shore.I also said that I sometimes joke with people who know me well that I have tied so many knots in the end of my rope over the yeasrs, that there is hardly any rope left. But I, like everyone else, have a choice to make when life gets tough. We can either tie a noose on the end of our rope, or we can tie a monkey fist. Daily, I choose the monkey fist. And this incredible CP family helps me to do that. :-) DAD-OH AKA DEBBIE

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