Sunday, November 1, 2015

nov 1 2015
i have falled back--- but my body is not with iti yet.. computer clock says 5:30-- and i have been up for hours nearly ready for lunch...
it is going to be a very tough afternooon--- i am going to think bedtime is abotu what would be mail call if it was not sunday.

i did all th quickpicks at what  i thought was 2am.....i am thrilled  we are  sold out and onto purple territory !!
i am not sure where we can set up the tables-- probably the g-tent...  mark said he would cook... so we won't starve...
speaking of mark-- his roller conveyers are great fun to try and organize. some roll very well-- others need more wd 40...

there is a logistical puzzle-- the container   7.5 x 20'     stacked ( 30"x18"  bags) along either side ( current using and puppy sides) leaves the back for the newer and about a 30" alley
i waant to set the rollers so they basically stay in the container and can roll either way.. just raise and lower the ends as needed... but the rollers are 10'  and not shutting the doors could be a major disastor  inviting all the swmp rats in for dinner...  so i neeed to go back and measure the 20'  which si probably the outside...
but if we tip the 2 10'sections we might gain enough to get the doors shut-- with my elementary geometry-  the square of teh diagional is teh sum of the squares of the 2 sides..
so a a 5' high  to floor, 20 feet long   is teh sq root of 425 -- or 20.6 --  .6 of 12 inches is  7 inches-- if those walls/ door  are 3"  we ain't got much to spare. we might end  up using only one 10 section   
i ended up with graph paper figuring which might be half gone and allow someone to stand there and "recieve"   teh incoming.... yes...  just one 10' section...
another kuranda contest--- so have at it...
shatting sunday-- and i must away to the purple egging departmrnt....

Dear Carlene,

Good morning! Zeke is amazing! This week was wonderful. Kati, Meg, and Steve are so knowledgeable. They were so patient with me and with the dogs. Zeke is doing amazingly well at home, much better than I am.... 

During our first home visit I thought it would be a good idea to push the cat-dog relationship. While Zeke was in a beautiful down-stay in the dining room, I tried to pick up my daughter's cat. I was hoping to get her within 10 feet of the dog. I grabbed her tail (the cats are declawed). She hissed at me (I should have listened). I tried to grab her by the scruff of the neck, she hissed again. I thought I would try one more time. I tried and she bit me in the leg below the knee and would not let go. I tried pulling her off but she wouldn't let go. Finally, when I let go of her tail she let go of my leg.

(A week later) Wednesday, when I woke up Zeke was acting funny. He was climbing all over me. I really didn't think anything of it at the time. I mentioned it to Meg and she asked if I was feeling okay and the only thing I could think of was that the cat bite was starting to look a little red.

Thursday, it was really infected. Friday, my first full day home with Zeke, my doctor sends my to Infection Disease. Zeke and I went alone to the hospital. They then send us to ICC for IV antibiotics. It takes the IV nurse 3 times to get the IV started where Zeke stays in a down-stay. The antibiotics take 30 minutes to be delivered and Zeke sleeps the whole time! The phlebotomist comes and Zeke puts his head on my arm and watches him draw blood. Then they send us for X-rays. I text Meg and Kati. I go in and Zeke stays in a down-stay with his head peaking around the corner so he can see me as they take the two X-rays. He was perfect. He kept me going throughout the day. Thank you!

**As I was into the hospital a big man from behind me called to me in a rude/joking voice ... "Hey, is the dog walking you or are you walking the dog (haha)?" I said, He is walking me, that is his job he is my service dog!

Thank you Carlene for everything you do!

Shannon and Zeke

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  1. I am so upset I am shaking that anyone would grab a cat by it's tail and expect any other outcome but being bit by the cat. We teach our children NOT to pull on animals tails why would an adult think this would be a good idea. To push dog-cat relationship? Really how long have you had the cat? How long have you had Zeke? let them develop their own relationship.

    I am happy that Zeke did so well at the hospital but I would someone at CA would have a serious talk with her about treating ALL animals with respect not cruelty. Because what I see in the future is this poor cat having to re-homed because Zeke's partner cannot figure out why they don't get along...