Thursday, November 12, 2015

nov 12 2015
40 million and counting---- it is well beyond my comprehension-- and  "calendar kitty"  has offered her experience to try and manage some of the media we are getting...  i have full faith in her-- she carries a little notebook and writes things in it...
i do not have faith in the number of people who see a good thing happening and want to get on board...about .4 a day have contacted me to see if they can do our fundraising.... that along with the 5 calls per day form some outfit who"will be in our neighborhood" and offering a home security system-- i think next time they call i will tell them to come and see if they can even get on the property wiyh 65 great danes..   it is fun to listen toi all the buzz words they use to try and make you live in fear--"you don't want to come home to a house that has been ransacked do you?"  ------i wonder if i would notice... how could i tell?
meganand i went to bella and george's akc meeting yesterday---they filmed a bunch of shots-- we had 2 pups with us who are georges  brother and sister- -- i talked withthe akc photographer about how we just talk to george-- there are no specific "commands"-- yet he was right on the button... which ever button needed him at the moment.  perfect dog...appaerntly  this akc person is out of NYC--- and came up by train... she works for the akc- her card says digital content marketer... she had the smallest camera i have ever seen...1/2 the size of my cell phone.  i remembered the days of doing commercials and having to rent cameras from LA  and bringing them to boston by  plane  buying an extra seat for the  monster movie cameras..  this thing she put on her tripod was  miniscule-and every bit as accomplished as it focused itself on whoever's head was in the frame... i was fascinated.
she said this woudl be a video online-- i think she said...  somebody will probably tell us.  it is also difficult to have someone clip a mic on you and then say "say something"    -- but i stumbled thru-- she asked what this ACE award meant to sdp... and i had to say  i really loved the fact that so many people said we were nuts to use danes..... i did not say how heavily we rely on dumb luck.
speaking of my phone--- the insomnia project last night started to be to figure out more of that phone i now have.... but i had to quit..  with my shakey hands i was afraid i would call someone by mistake.. . it has the propensity to call the last person i spoke to...... megan would not have liked that at 1 am....
however... i now have a flashlight ... so progress is being made.
this business of having  highschool kids set up senior  centers on the explore channels for  community service very well recieved.... there is nothien g more to set up... just do it...
bailey report
she is eating my special costco  sirloin hambergers-- the kind mark brings for sunday stew.... and teh grilled chicken---she has us trained--  but she is moving better and looks better... still has a huge hole in her butt  but it is not as angry looking nor is it draining huge quantities of various colored material-- and i bet today we could alomost find the place to put the thermometer... or megan can..  she is drinking  ... but george suggested we give her some subq fluids... so grace did that... and this morning she is on her sternum  instead of flat.----- plus it smells better...
i am wondering if today we should try mixing the scarlot and mische pups into one pack  and letting them run in a bigger area--  being chased by people with cardboards.... i hope all you camera people have the names memorized ....last night one pup stood up facing my desk and barked and barked-- finally i said lift him over-- and he ran for the bucket of water.....boy aree these pups drinking water... so lets have 2 big dishes in their pen now... i was impressed with his ability to communicate..." i am thirsty !"
i am told we have 2 cp's sleeping upstairs... so maybe they could do the cardboard bit if we mix the pups...
from renee.....
thought you might enjoy a west coast update (from my blog):
Think of all of you often,    We’re well into November, the month that dusk falls ridiculously early, the days keep getting shorter and shadows longer. Let’s not forget the wind. The gusts have already whipped the last color from the maple trees. Despite the wet, cold and dark, I find this segue into winter to be a prime time to gaze overhead. Not at the stars. Closer, at skeletal branches that the winds have exposed. When I gaze up, I notice what summertime canopies hid from my view: how the trees catch each other.
I look around and it’s as though I’m looking at a family. Evergreens seem to reach out to fallen birch while oaks support uprooted beech and alder. There are saplings intertwined with an older sibling, couples leaning on each other, whole stands providing support.No wonder that November marks National Family Caregiver’s month. No coincidence, either, that it’s the same month we recognize our veterans who keep us from falling and when we gather with families, thankful for one another’s support.
Thanks, too, for Sir Thomas. He’s been family for three years now. Like a pair of trees that grows so close their trunks meld into one, we take care of each other. Each time we go for a walk in the woods, he gets the exercise he needs and I know he’ll be there if I trip on a root.  renee...

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