Saturday, November 14, 2015

nov 14 2015
a few of you are still confused about my comment on "just send the postage !!"  we are- at the moment ... overloaded with great stuff..but you are supplying it faster than we can use it...  and unless i build another house,  storage is a problem ...
however..... what we really need to continue is 2 people 24 hours to help with puppies  and that costs money-- so if you just sent what you were spending on postage---  in addition to your usual chicken bricks( we couldn't live without those) it would be very helpfull  --  a dollar or two in an envelope with a short note-- and i will open them at mail call-- we can keep track of the daily total on the white board....  a great big box from washington state.... had lovely usefull stuff in it-- 
but the postage was $35.78 add a few $3.84 and $7.65  and there is some serious money we are giving the post off ice and ups..  i will undo the wish list... even if that postage is sometimes free....  lets put the generic box.. on hold..for a moment..

sample??? is good... we are eating it... but we have 7 boxes of mini wheats of all flavors-- and it will take a while to finish it... along with chicken soup--- not to mention   wee wee pads-- etc.........
yesterday i discussed with theresa-- the doggie bag... and things wie will have to mail-- strting probably next week... i decided we could wrap the puzzles in brown paper, til i realized  where would i spread out a 8" x 24" piece of paper and wrap it???  there is no extra room here at all..  we could move the entire "shipping department" to the guest house -but that is conducive to error- it works better if we can wrap stuff immediately here- by the time we walk across the drive, we have become distracted by a flock of guinnea hens and forget something we decided to remember when we left the house.-- so somehow......
blue gwen and early sandy have offered.... they did such a great job on the  bellas shirts..  but that was at bellas....  this  place will be a new challange...

we need to boil it down to one source....if purchases come here by mail,paypal ( computer) and in person...  maybe if we had one notebook here- and everything- mail call or in person... gets written down in it-- to be checked when out the door to be mailed.  theresa has some pitney bowles machine coming to help.   it is the one source concept that gets critical.
I just wanted to write after reading about Joanna Leigh today. I know
she had been given one of your dogs, and it made me sick to find out she was a
fraud and convicted.

How she could take a dog away from someone who really
needed it, is beyond my comprehension.

I only hope the dog  is safe.

Please  keep up the good work!!!


 the dog and  new partner are doing famously...
janine wrote a great article about bella an d  george
 from  TinaS_SoCal
A must read - the story of Bella and George - written by Janine...  copy and paste it... i don' know how to make it  "link"