Sunday, November 15, 2015

nov 15 2015
ah --- the ides of november----- or was that casear bewaring  the ides of march.... whatever..
yesterday gwen bud and i went  to the big city ( boston , around here)toi the insurance conference
bud is a great driver... i wasn't nervous hardly at all.... and  gwen had a great time talking to people  abd 
she is good at it... i think we determined 1/2 teh world at the copley plaza knew about bella and george.
i rattled on for about 80 minutes-- since i didn't know the topic of the talk, i just rattled-- people seemed to like it-- they laughed appropriately--( boy is it upsetting when they don't laugh when you expect it ! ) and asked questions...

knowing that the group was insurance oriented, i did get into my personal thoughts on any breed of dog with highly develoed jaw muscles-- pit bull being one of them....they are bred to bite and hang on... no small nip like a terrier... bite and hold----- i told the story of my handling of a pit bull who arrived on the property-- totally out of control  and after a very brief discussion he could not have behaved better....literally   5 minutes of  "do it my way"  and he said  "ok... whatever you say"-  thus proving  it is the owrship to some degree....  
 i  know of one pit bull owner that just has them for no apparent reason - other than her family always had them-- she shows them in westminster- and to her they are normal dogs( with which she ahs to be extremely careful-- as do all of us with breeding dogs---  breeding dogs fight each other for dominance-- -  a problem  with pit bulls is they are good at fighting.)
 i have often said    females can be nearly as bad as  males---- i would not want to try and control walter and bentley in the same room   ever.....   but i can ... and often have managed 2 warring females in my office at once...  walter and bentely have an established hatred...would be too much  too quick  too messy and there would be blood squirting----  furnture turned over and things like that.... -- females might get to the stage of slight drip of blood...   drips don't count-- clip the hair and it ll fills back in  remarkably...
as for having bentley in public.... technically as a service dog he is supposed to be neutered---  believe me, i watch him like a hawk--- not only for any other dogs in teh vicinity, but  for the quick squirt of a potted plant as we round any corner... he is good at  that..   just a couple drips for scent purposes. 
he does love to pull my !!
yesterdqy was such a long day, i thought it was sunday too making today monday...  which is not true..

reporting on staff and various illnesses
megan is out-- throat stomach issues again..hopefully  a major version of what  charlie's steve and a few others have ..
we have alot of help  cp's and regulars--- meatcutter steve said yesterday went smoother than ever...  we did not comeup  with any supper and had to order chinese food.... i still woul d  like to try  a standing rib roast on saturday night...we need a breqak from lamb chops..
the article janine wrote about bella  and george was well done !-- hopefull it tooo will go viral -- i did note we are up tp 44 million wich meqans we are still going up-- at some point saturation must  occur-- i was thrilled to see that we were #1 trending... with #2 being Trump... 
janine's article talks about george deciding he ws safest next to bella--there is an element of truth  about that... with danes, they are all timid and usually get over it at abotu 3-4 years of age-- but in the meantiem , they can manage if they assue they will be safe, comfortable, well fed ...with treats if they are next to the one person... i think this is where one of our pairings has had trouble,  a parent has stepped in too often and now the dog does not  look to the child for comfort , fun and safety.
speaking of parents and children... that joanna - the boston marathon bombing fraud--   we took our dog back from her before the rest of the world reaized she was not what she seemed to be... i am told she was not jailed--- but has to pay back.... guess who will be stuck with that???  i bet her mom-- who if you read way back on the daily doggies, i ws impressed with the mom... whqt a nice  classy lady she was-- and totally confused by this daughter of her's-- personally i think she should have been jailed... and probably would have -- except the jails are full already... poor mom...
i turned my ankle yesterday- and bentley caught me.

it worked !!!!