Monday, November 16, 2015

nov 16  2015
  you know you are in trouble when........  when we were on camera ordering chinese food saturday night, someone asked for the menu... and it was not where it usually is.. so i said i didn't know where... someone CALLED FROM NEW YORK   and said it was in my center drawer... and it was...  :)

i could worry about my lack of memory  if it was getting worse... but - truth be known it was never any good...proof being i have never been able to store anything out of sight-- bcause it is then GONE...out of sight out of mind.... and i am famous for setting up a system  and then forgeting the entire thing--- this was particularly annoying to my son-in-law who accused me of not following thru on too many things  -- not realizing my memory was such that it went from my head entirely.
and----  i had  relative-- Aunt Mabel-  who had a summer cottage on an island  where she kept all her pots and pans hanging off the rafters in the ceiling of the kitchen so she could find them.... ( beginning to sound familiar???) -- she put in an outdoor shower so people could get cleaned up before coming in her house ( usually for muddy  people/kids  who had been digging clams in baithing suits)  she was a teacher of "bad boys" in the manhattan school system--- the  kids loved her-- and if she needed anything , she had only to mention it and the bad boys would magically have it appear- she never asked how they got it... life went on...  she was a character...
kiara report
doing very well -- is a challange... but i am sure she is in the right place...   good practice for shannon #47...
we're due to go to the school in ipswich with bentley and pups today  down teh drive at 8:45  with kitty-- meeting denise at the school-- lecture ( aka rattle about service dogs)
smokey cellar may  take my immediate attention... thye say it is fireplace type smoke.. hmmmm...
pam said we are not on fire... so i think i will have breakfast first...

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