Tuesday, November 17, 2015

nov 17 2015

you know you are in trouble....( again) when your pill box says it is thursday ... and teh computer says  tuesday..  could be an interesting day...
i was so thrilled to finally have the proper ( reliable) vehicle to pull the horse trailer-- a lifetime achievement- all registered to me  stickered properly ( lights even working)put the reg in the glove compartmrnt..a nd think all is well... and in mail call i got another sticker and reg for teh non existant trailer that this once was...  i only have one plate  ( and from my desk i don't know what it is..)
i can almost guarentee this means i will get excise tax  on 2 trailers- 
moving on with my love of paperwork....
i recieved the  "stuff" from the accountant--- to be signed and sent to the attorney general's office-- they insist on absolute Accuracy now that our income went up... this pc carefully  labels the pages 1/14  2/14  all the way to 12/14  and there are no more-- somebody must hae condensed becuse "signature required on page 13"  is now on page 12... and the 14 in ---1/14---- bit is just wrong.  that had to be sent with our 990 form   which containes 47 pages of "line 43 must agree with line 19 in section  2a unless you have a tanning booth in which case line 14 must be checked "yes" and include a check for $125 if your income is under 32 cents .. in which case  include a check for $250" 

gotta love it--- and i had years  12--13--14  i was afraid to send it to the attorney gen office-- so i put it ll togethere  and signed i nd fedex'd it  back to the accountant for approval...

remember--all this was done with  my love affair with  our wireless printer.... so it coughed and sputtered thru those hundreds of pages-- running out of paper... and ink... just enough to drive me nuttier...
hence mailcall was a little flat-- as i was broiling over at the printer, the state of mass and the attorney general.

the only good thing about the attorney general's off ice is -- they don't care how late your paperwork is.... just keep siging those forms and giving them checks, and they are happy-- i know... i did 2003 thru 2010  all at one sitting--- in their  office signing away for a couple hours.
i continue to be impressed with bellas mom--  she is a detail person  big time... you noticed that with her facebook blog... i notice it because i sent her to teh back supply closet for all wormer pills for george... and she came back with 1 and 1/2 pills in a little bag... having found the pills  ..... calculated the mg/kg, george's weignt in pounds and got a plastic bag.
without help  she did all  that !!!!  then went home and posted pictures of bella spoon feeding the pills to george.
i was/ am  impressed...
goal of teh day..... unscramble the extension cords behind my desk... will be a federal project.... this desk weighs ALOT.
it was my fathers desk when he ws in the heavy equipment  business in newburgh ny... it is heavy... but there are 4 extension cords whih we have not dared move til we got the buzz out of the microphone for fear cords running next to each other were making currents do  odd things.  but time has come 
we rallly need a recharging station.... which should be where the swear bear now resides...

 the idea of clearing that off has worn me out- i think i need a knap.

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