Monday, November 23, 2015

nov 23 2015
per kitty  we are now live stream on abc news--  and it is live-- which is why i had to label the hole in the floor which looked like a pile of poo... 
going with the flow--  i have put  a white board up for notices... and we must have that camera  on puppies as best we can..... i wonder....... tht camera does have sound if i turn it on...will that be live too??...  and maybe roll that camera and let puppies loose for mail call...???
this could be a huge deal????  i have to get in touch with  explore and see what our limits are...
kitty  as our media consultant---- this gronk report- would be a funny "filler"-- like i could read that at mailcall -changing "pup" to "guy" in a few places... and then lead in our gronk...
and how far on abc........... our current bunch of people are well in tune with  things like the "vomit report"-- but  that could be alarming tto a bunch of new commers who have no access to  questions and answers....
so now the  daily vomit report....   tumbler.. yestrday  was the vomiter-- and was moved to the nouse-- and seems fine now...her last action was after supper last night grace  reported a small glob...  howerve- during the night  spinner has been tossing 3 or 4 times. 
who knows why...???  but we will swap dogs as soon as shannon gets here ( and shannon# 47 who has kiara) how to repoace tumbler to the #10 bunch?????   very carefully for the first 15 minutes.....
lesson of the day..... big lesson... learned the hard way with $1000 worth of stitches on an ear----when i returned one pup to the flat field with he 2 siblings- it was one of my worst mistakes... poor dog thought i was after her too, when i was just trying to break it up...  finally she collapsed and i was able to get between her and the other 2 and  back them off.   she was bleeding ===big time... i can not remember who... but it was a pup about 90 pound size.... and the ear did heal-- but she had to be retired from service work--  the other 2 went on fine.. no  problems.  it was my mistake clearly.
you  never take a pup/dog  out of a group of  a well established pack-- and then just toss them back in the group...- the pack is very inclined to come over to sniff out the "newcommer" and in a split second it can turn into a multi-dog brawl. i know....sometimes it does not... but if it is awful... so lets play by theri rules-- pay attention...
richard lands  4:45 today-- his "luggage" is already here  he sends it ups-- which makes alot of sense...
that means i may be able to go play with the golden at about 10 this the mall...  should be interesting...
now to  "talk " with courtney...and explore...
margaret    gronk reporty... 
Brief description of stay. Include places visited, people encountered, new sights and sounds. Mention any challenges.
Gronk did really well! He was good walking around the neighborhood. He went to my office, Whole Foods, CVS, the bank, the T-station, and a café. In new situations he tends to walk a little fast be and be out just a bit ahead and needs more corrections. Once he feels more confident, he is right by your side. He listens well and seems confident. He is not afraid of stairs but still needs practice taking them more slowly and in control. He does better going down than going up. He has a nice, tight down stay. Very food motivated. Interested in but respectful of the house cat. Good recall, even away from distractions. Gets a little nervous in a crowd (Davis Square, crowded café) and need to work on body positioning in a crowd. I had a hard time getting him to keep tight positioning in a crowd. Definitely a great pup who has all the basics down and just needs miles.
Commands Practiced (Check all that apply, use space to describe any issues):
X Get Dressed           X Load Up                  X Down                      X Stay
X Back                        X Easy                        X Left                         X Right
X Over                        X Up                            X Watch me               X Whoa
X Brace (chair)          X Brace (curbs)         X Manners
Locations where practiced (Check all that apply, use space to describe any issues):
X At home                  X At work                   X Outdoors                X Café/restaurant
X Store                       X Public place  X Medical office
Took down into T station to observe and listen to the trains coming through. Got shaky and nervous when he heard the trains but I was able to calm him down and he acclimated. Had some trouble with positioning his body in a busy café when standing and waiting for my order. Didn’t hold steady, swung his rear out. 

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