Tuesday, November 24, 2015

nov 24 2015

i am still trying to figure out the abc live feed episode... apparently  one of the explore people lined it up  - and i am happy to hang on and go for the ride... but i don't really understand it- maybe i won't ever-- things like i  apparently still control the sound....and last time i went to check and see if the camera angle was right , Bill Clinton was on-- so maybe we are a filler if nothing better comes along...  i dunno
it did mean i had to write on the floor that the little brown spot was a hole in the floor- and not puppy poo..
mail call--  we actually have people who having seen the bella /george story   "dollar -up "------ not the 51 million that have seen the video-- but a few... the video does not give our name or address... maybe eventually in the follow-up stories which are bound to come-- and kitti's friend is dealing with the media-
the calendars are in-- my first comment--THEY WEIGH A TON !!   the van full needed unloading    into the  garage- and thothey only weghted 35 pounds ( he said) whatever the van floor was, they did not slide - which became my job-get a foot behind a carton and push to the door.
they are a thing of beauty... and i guess we are ready...i don't know abotu this pitney bowles scale thing etc-- hopefully theresa does.
i am still stuck on the whipped cream maker problem  and the  cartridges. we are on the second quart of heavy cream today--
it is soooooo like the printer and ink problem it is madeninig-- the dispensers are free-- but you have to buy their specific  NO2  cartridges...--  and i don't know where they sell them locally-- so it is back to ebay  i have tried to get he generic.. which i thought was  the  isi  brand.  people who makde those cartridges lie about what fits what...
all that shreaded wheat  cereal   is not bad with heavy cream which is located in the refrigerator right next to the 1%-- my hand just can not be forced to the 1% 
moving along at a hair raising pace......  richard has arrived...and the  fun has started...with the "why not's " and  "but if's "-- his head goes 90 miles  an hour  and i am pressed to keep up...
so far so good....
and the vomit report--spinner has eaten 3 jars of chicken and sweet potato baby food and thrown up only one-- then consumed a whole can of dog food-- with nothing coming back out  in the past 6 hours.... maybe he is now over it...

i am trying to make up a "generic letter" to send to appropriate student groups pass this concept on...
Just a suggestion---to leaders of teen groups like scouting and churches   re:  volunteering  and  community service
the situation......
We at Service Dog Project- get requests almost daily about  students needing community service hours. 
We have many senior /handicapped residents who love watching the many  Explore.org  cameras which are live   24/7/365 from polar bears to our great dane puppies in training as service dogs.  There are many more  people  who would like to watch, but  can not “speak computer”.   Many of these people are isolated by illness, age, geography,
There is an entire generation of teens who “speak computer” very well. Many of the same teens need “community service” hours to  graduate  and or apply to colleges.  With the help of their leaders, Teams of teens.. Scouts, Church groups, National Honor Society could provide that service.
By having these computer savvy teens set up a computer in a nursing home- senior residence or senior hangout- many more people could enjoy the  non commercial world of the explore cameras. At SDP we have 6 cameras on various areas of the farm which broadcast live whatever happens-mostly our 31 puppies  either sleeping, eating , or playing..and sometimes our volunteers training,  drinking coffee, cleaning up , or napping..  It is live.
If the person writes a thank you to SDP for the teen’s service in setting up the live stream, we will read the letters “live”  at our 5pm mail call and send the teens involved  a certificate for 2 hours of community service. 
We have viewers who comment from every state plus many countries worldwide.  There are very few  chances to  watch anything without commercials.  This is one of them.
A win -win.