Saturday, November 7, 2015

NOV 7 2015
there are sooo many copy and pastes... that i am really off the hook for writing today...

DEBRA'S  comment stood out-- and she is right... bella and george have the cute factor... (sorry the adults in the group)
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You have more than one George. You have many great dogs out there. Willow, Teal, Wendy, Elsie, Ivy, Casper, Sir Thomas, Lola, to name a few, these are all GREAT dogs. It's just the combination of Bella and George that is extra appealing. Rachel is kind enough to share them with the rest of us. They are perfect ambassadors for SDP, and we are all in love with them. But you put lots of great dogs out there that just don't have the same cuteness factor that they do (sorry Lynne and the other handlers ��). 

 WITH ANY LUCK WE WILL RETURN AGAIN SOMEDAY.... THANK YOU FOR OPENING YOUR FARM TO US !   Recently we gave a final hug and farewell to our almost 15 year young Tobi Dog. Having made an earlier pact that when he passed we were going to visit and offer our hearts and hands to Crazy Acres this story begins.... 

For us it's 1475 miles to Service Dog Project and we couldn't have found a better place on Earth to keep busy and happy. Everywhere we turned there were jobs to do and if we each had 8 arms it may have helped. Especially when we showed up in the house at feeding time for Scarlet's pups, Pam handed me a stack of poo pickers just as the feeding trays were placed on the floor for the pups, and she swiftly said: "here, this is next" !!
 The actions that followed I can only compare to the I Love Lucy show when Lucy and Ethel were working in the candy factory with the conveyor belt moving too fast for wrapping the candy !  Love it !! Realizing right away that without a cheat sheet I NO idea which cute puppy goes to which pen and worrying that that may be the end of me I put my heart and hands to work in the barn where I knew who was who. 

  Finding our way to the barn we found Devin and after delivering that brilliant smile of hers she put our hands to work right away.
 Our first day happened to be a Shatting Sunday Stew! Food galore along with music, wonderful people and  a nice cozy fire in the T-tent.! Shatting was entertaining, promptly at 3pm EST everyone gathered around the  chicken brick table and everything 'fell' into place as planned. I can honestly say I've NEVER caught a chicken, but I did Sunday! After shatting it tried to fly off the table and launched itself directly on the sweater of the woman standing next to me, I turned and made the snatch. I actually took on the task of partial-cooking and dying the eggs purple for the egg drop event and the egg dropped and oozed it's yolk as expected ( sigh of relief ) THANK YOU to all the purple chicken brick buyers. 

Once the stickers were all removed from the board it needed rinsing off so Beth (David 3's wife) and I began filling 2 of the taller pails with water, upon toting my bucket back to the table Tanner (Steve's son) being the perfect gentleman he is ran up to me to relieve me of my burden. He is now my HERO !
 Meeting everyone in attendance was phenomenal !   Carlene had a HUGE pile of firewood delivered Monday morning, my husband Bill helped Ryan stack it and tarp it in the G-tent for the upcoming winter. Donning the gloves I brought along I made myself useful by bucketing up the kindling pieces.   We met Laura Monday afternoon and observed her prepping the dinner meals.
 Laura knows her stuff, she's a walking SDP encyclopedia ! She insisted we come up to the house for mail call and made the final decision and said "you're coming to mail call" so we sat in for mail call. Karen who makes dinner on Monday evenings offered us a delicious serving of Chicken Paprikash, YUMM-O ! 
  We met dozens of super star idols of SDP throughout the week ! INCLUDING actual service dogs Charlie, Sienna, Victoria, Denim, Emmett and Khaki along with their partners. In 3 words... Over The Top !  ! ! 
  Grace asked me to go with her to the donkey area outside of the barn stall. Toting grain filled skillets we set off to find the donkeys. They were all very quiet, was kinda hoping to hear one of them sing to us once in a while, but not this trip so maybe next time. awwww little Buddy Jr is adorable.   
I missed my chance to tell Carlene goodbye, I saw her from afar and I thought she said "Hi Rose Doggy", but Bill told me she really said "Bye Rose Doggy" I may need a couple of those hearing aids like she has. Sorry I missed that but I probably would have lost it anyway and didn't have a tissue handy, only a bucket and poo pickers.  
 When our time was up and we traveled back those 1475 miles we came home to an empty house but we brought with us much fuller hearts. We're not finished volunteering, our time went all too fast, hoping to return soon to find a way to help be a teeny piece of the process of delivering trained service dogs to those in need. 
   SDP has some of the greatest volunteers and staff in the world, we were honored to meet so many of them! They are all truly focused on the beginning the middle and the final result of placement of each and every dog that can change someone's life for the better. 
  Thank you to everyone at Crazy Acres that accepted what we could try to do and we promise to try harder each time we visit. Rose & Bill - KS
HI Carlene

always nice to see  "why us" and continue to stay within the definitions....