Thursday, December 10, 2015

dec 10 2015
problem of the day---i have been certain for 2 days now that this week had 2 thursdays  in it....most critical was, i had "stew:" written on my calendar for   thursday  which i thought was yesterday  - and was all set to enjoy some   chicken stew or another i figured someone was bringing for lunch or supper...luckily theresa (my external memory device) reminded me ---"stew" is a person bringing  some corporate people to talk about sdp and parkinson's----and thursday was not yesterday  but today..
you all know what that means.... clean up this desk and surroundings... a gruesome task...
there  is not much i can do about the porch falling off the house-- it is too late-- and it has been that way so long- that i don't think it will  "let go"  
let it be known- that "betsy frost's designs"    business aint what i expected...... i was flabbergasted-- she rented an unused storefront in ipswich  for the month-- to display her jewelery--- and yesterday, a bunch of sdp things.. like calendars and puzles..
i bet it was the only jewelery store  with 600 pounds of dog lying in the middle of the floor-- bentley,george,denium, addition to their 4  partners -- there was  joyce annie,ann,janine,paula ,rachael, daughter#1 plus  2 camera people and my old horse vet...the lighting was brilliant--  our  monkey fist and  silver logo necklaces and bracelets right in the front row...looking great on fake pieces of people --- Necks  and wrists...
and she had cookies and coffee....
the other thing that blew my doors for the day   was the  wide variety of photography work done by rachaaels older daughter- which inclued a perfect picture of janine  in mid air....jumping lincoln in that thanksgivinhg hunt.
additional shocker-- we are nearly out of  fireplace wood !!!! 
 so this will be the math challange for the day--- a cord of wood is 4x4x8  ----- we fill the wood holder next to the fireplace  daily....--  it is 18" x 48"  so if you set 3 of those lumps next to each other would  be 48" x 48"x18" long-- put 6 of those  next to each other  you would have  3 x 6 lumps which would be  the 4 x 4 x 8 cord of wood.. now if we are filling that thing daily, that means  a cord of wood lasts only 18 days...
OUCH !!!!  seeing as firewood is my personal expense  not sdp------- i like the  kiln dried -.. and that ain;t cheap-- like $500 per cord.... or  $28 per day--- if all my  arithmatic is correct--- and that can be as bad as my spelling...
---it is excessive--- and i could cut it out---  but i like it  ^&*)(_ *^  it

now for the poo report.
cylindars   all ! 
what a blessing  !  also one of those situations where  if the medicine  cures,   the diagnosis. is proven..  remember bacik a few dsys when you could hear the   process of producing extremely flat pancake type BM's -- we were slightly late in worming for round worms-- and when we did-- we got 'em-- vermecelli--- which made yesterday "soft serve day"   and today  cylindars... ---- plus the "quiet pup" is now baack in high gear with the rest-wooowoowoooo 

  hey -- this is supposed to be an educational site...  

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