Saturday, December 12, 2015

dec 12 2015

i did not forget... i pushed tthe wrong biutton

bella and george news first...    my biggest concern.. he did not eat breakfast yesterday-- would that upset his bowel routine? 
so this was my big news of the day  
  george Just had a successful poop just like home! 

Hi Carlene,

I just wanted to update you on everything so far. George has been doing great. He ate a small amount of breakfast early in the morning and then went to the bathroom so he was good for the flight. He got on the plane and there was room for him to walk in and turn around so that was perfect. We had silent boarding so we were the first on the plane and got all organized before everyone boarded. He laid down happily while the rest of the plane filled up. One of the stewards said he say their story all over Facebook and on the news so the pilot asked how to look them up. I told him to do a google search and he would find them. He went into the cockpit and comes out 10 minutes later and was so impressed. Then he made a special announcement once everyone was on the plane about a special dog that won the ace award and is the best service dog of the year. The crew wanted pictures with us once we got to Orlando. They were so great and made sure we had everything we needed even offered to get George some water but we declined just to be safe. He was panting a bit for take off and landing but once in the air was fine and once on the ground was fine. He seemed more stressed going up. Even started to drool a bit but then fell asleep once in the air. Last night we had dinner with the other ace winners. George was the only dog allowed to do to that so everyone was so excited to meet them. Today at the dog show I heard there will be over 4000 dogs so it may be a bit much so we may hang by the pool and relax. His awards ceremony will be streaming live at I believe. But so far he has been perfect. We are on the 18th floor but once down to lobby right near the door to one of the potty areas. George hasn't pooped yet but that isn't odd for him as even at home he sometimes only poops once a day. He did eat dinner finally last night at 9 then slept great. Never heard him get up. So far so good! 

flying with dog suggestion-- they might need to "chew gum" going up or down to deal with the pressure change in their ears... so a crunchie cookie might help with ear PRESSUre
so far so good...i was worried about things like bella being nervous and george picking it up.
-lets face it ... i worry...
george is also the happiest dog i think i have ever seen...  perfect life for a dog-- with their person 24 hours a day..  i know that is impossible in todays society except for service dogs...,,  but where is that person so long ago who emailed  me how terrible i was to make george work..and why didn't bella have a better leash to control george..  ( she musta missed physics 101 thinking a 48 pound kid could control 140 pound george with a leash...)
wherever you are....just look !!    he loves his job. and part of his liking it is.. (you all are going to love this one)  he is intellectually stimulated by the different challanges bella's life  presents.  i am sure of that....
that is one thing we look at in placing a dog with a person---  some dogs are more active than others, and does the person get out and  walk the malls... or senior or  nursing homes .. or something active   ..  it is rare we find one of our dogs preferring to stay home and lie on the couch all the time... maybe sleeping just  87% of the time....  but they do like to get out.
i know we are pushing it for kennell space with these  31 pups ( remembr one went home with her mom..) and i could not figure out where to put another building... until.........
with this offer of GE  money for lumber...... i started in with the graph paper... latest a ... no ...let me rephrase...REPAIR  some of the old arena-  one of the wiser things i ever did was to leave as much of the old arena as i could
so any building around that would be to REPAIR an existing structure-- not requiring a new building permit.-- altho i am told the old building inspector is gone... the one who did not like the fact i did not choose his contractor to build the current arena- and told me  "you are out of your league, you are only a woman"  then rescinded  my building permit til i did $27,000 worth of soil compaction studies. it would have killed the project   except i was rescued by giving a neighbor some kind of  assurance i would not put up a cell tower and she bailed me out .  dealing with a building inspector.... is not my forte--it will be a larger version of the t tent  about 36 x 36  poles in the ground and nail everything to them.... no second floor/loft....probably... well maybe a few plastic storage boxes... but not headroom."  A  "rafters in the roof  being held up by the walls--- ( better put  a concrete pad at the bottom of the hole for  poles......  
so they don't sink  down.) poles 6x6  pressure will be one  of those places where a "t-square" iws not welcome
anyone who ever wanted to dig holes  and build a building   come on over....
warning ... first challange will be to get the  valuable %^& into the dump trailer for transport-- this will be painful for me...i  do love my trash...
moving  the horse operation  out--- will mean doubling the kennel space of the last improvement... i e 30 feet= ?6 new kennels???--- just think of all the complications... more heat...more chain link how many gates- open right or left...-- concrete pour--- lots to keep me busy for a while..janine has decided i have a distorted carpenter's gene... where i like nailing wood together...  and i do.... bolting chain together  link is not nearly as much banging type fun.
 i could almost go dig a hole or two for posts  this weekend...  lets see,,, there is such a thing as a sonna tube---with a bulge at the bottom--- sheila and i managed one for the flagpole... it worked !
different topic  
here is one the throw megan in a swivett---sipping my coffee, looking around....  does every cobweb mean some tiny little spider started it?  there is more than a few tiny spiders in the world then...  especially on our stone fireplace..

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