Wednesday, December 9, 2015

dec 12 9
most impressive of the day is the poo report... the last 2 days we have had pancakes-- and really flat ones too.
to say the pups have had a loose stool is putting it mildly-- as i have often said.... when you can hear them going, you got a big problem.    no cylindars in that  noisy production...
one look at the calendar and we saw that they were overdue for worming -- all pups get  round worms-- ( in my opinion one source is the moms lying on the ground and the pups drinking milk off the faucets- but what do i know..)  at any case we were about one week late in the "every 2 weejk schedule" ... i am thrilled to report that ... we got out worms... the proverbial dish of vermecelli--- several of the young pups were awful..... which remids me we should worm the moms too... .. another  fact... moms eat babies stool to keep the nest clean.... and in that process that might be the source of their infestation... at any rate--- we are clean once again...  usually we use a simple round wromer out of the pet store  but since we had some allwormer-- i decided a dose of that  would cure any other problem too... it is the roundworms we are after at this age.---
and the beautiful calendars....  we have alot of correcting to do... i know of 28 caused by that one error-- but there are a bunch more coming in too...  anything before 11/30 is suspect..there were alot of   "i ordered 2 and got 1"
we should be able to get these "corrections" out today  -- watch this Daily doggie for progress reports on that  and let us know if we missed anyone...  
janine and i signed books last night... at mail call--- it was not easy signing  so many with people talking around me... i kept mis- spelling even my name....... we did have a few rejects--
From Bella's Mom:
So much to do in so little time! I am not ready at all for this trip. I did attempt to pack Bella's clothes. That's a start. 
Someone absolutely amazing ordered George his dog food and is having it sent to our hotel! Now why didn't I think 
of that? But one less thing to worry about packing for now. I will pack a
couple feedngs just in case though. I can't thank all those that have helped this trip happen enough! It all started 
with the help of paying for Gabi and Ed to come with us. If someone hadn't paid for their flights they would have 
had to stay home and I am so happy that we can go as a family. George couldn't 
get this amazing award without his whole family there. Then the ones that have given us passes to theme parks,
 donated money that can be used to food and the hotel so that we could extend our trip and take advantage of the passes. 
The girls are so excited about going to Disney! 
Years ago we used to take yearly trips to Disney. But as Bella's health has gotten worse and travel has become harder 
along with the extra expenses of a special needs child we haven't been one a real vacation in years. We go to a camp
 in Maine for a few days in the summer but that still involves cooking and cleaning. It is the 
same as being home but on a lake. So this vacation coming together how it has is so amazing! Even down to some going 
to the store to get the girls favorite snacks and bringing them to us at the hotel. We don't know how we could ever repay
 these amazing, generous friends. Friends that we haven't   personally even met.
i (maybe)  put a  paypal  dollar -up at the end of this daily doggie at the suggestion of bella's mom---  if 1/2 of the 60 million people who are watching that video of bella and george  we could tripple our number of "george;s produced yearly"   ...probably....
i am trying for a "dollar up" if you have read the bella and george video

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