Tuesday, December 15, 2015

dec 15 2015
some great pictures of bella- george and mary poppins..-- whata trip !! george looks very relaxed thru it all--- it is that school cafeteria training that did it ..
yesterday at mail call.. we did get alot of "dollar up's"  for watching the bella an d george video.  i thnk they aare up to 65,000,000 viewers..--  we did not get the $65,000,000 one dollar 's  at leaast yet. i am hoping abc does a followup sometime..  that kind of thing depends on what else is happening in the world..
Hi Guys,
Heads up that I am going to have a cord of kiln-dried firewood delivered tomorrow (Tuesday).  Carlene said to dump it next to Giraffe tent.  My son and a friend will be at SDP after school to load it on racks in the tent.  Please let me know if there is anything else I should know or tell Wolf Hill regarding the delivery.
Kristin Patrican

kati is getting the little pups used to car riding..i think we ae jumping the gun a little on that.. but it looked veru cute tumbling out the hatch of her car.
the rest of teh 789 emails i have are about calendars and books...

calendars-- we ordered 2500-- they have been delivered-- as have the envelopes in which we mail them
e should have enough of both  to fill all requests...
about the books... it is difficult to pin janine down..( ?really?)  we had -- i think 300 now gone- and she ordered another 200 yet to arrive...
what i do not understand is  i think amazon has them on line-- course without the autographs  unless you bring them here.  i don't understand-- did amazon print up their own supply???
i have 1/2 box  of the origional bunch for janine to sign...yet..  i did my bit

on several books i wrote  "explore" instead of "enjoy"   the first few  times i did it i figured "seconds"  but then i realized i could  make it Explore and Enjoy....  so  a few of you will gt those.. it is not easy to sign so many at once.

if it ain't ants, it's fleas...--- i was all set to  reorganize the parking around here, and the neighbors tell me  that what i thought was my second driveway  has been taken over by the trail association- and somehow i am not supposed to use it????  i don't believe it-- but it will involve a real estste lawyer-- and surveyers---  which i was going to do anyway.   i think there is 1/2 acre behind the  arena i never used... and it has a trail going out to the street which i thought was my driveway---
my routine is getting to be 4:00 up and answer emails, do the dd, have a snack and go take a nap...
 ... which is what's next.

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