Wednesday, December 16, 2015

dec 16 2015
george--- i will be glad when they get home with him and he can get back into his usual routine---- tho not much seems to be bothering him... i was a little concerned when he was not eating his usual....

and then i got this...He ate all his dinner tonight and then was licking an empty bowl and hour later and he ate another 1/2 a bowl. 
neal report--- higher temp last night 102.6  not a good thing.. still feels good-- we ( grace) is giving him fluids.. and he is acting ok... at least as of last night.
i took calendars to teh vet hospital (dah)  and ran into their christmas party---  they had some good looking food--so i asked where they got it-- and promptly forgot-- but must find out...  great big trays of  goodies...
every year they have a deal where they have some pot of dollars and someone's name is drawn who gets to pick the  charity who is winner of the  pot...  that was us this year...  the other thing i remember about his official office party is 
, i was the lucky winner of a necklace of kidney stones george had collected......  interesting...
if i have my way , i will dig 10 holes today, while sitting in my heated tractor and watch the young and strong mix concrete for the bottom.. now that i have been  told i do have access and egress to the arena from the road  i am ready to start...  where the property line is.. we can figure out later...
 i will be using the part of the old arena which collapsed in 2008?  so the effort will be considered "remodeling" for which i don't have to get a permit--- which is not my favorite thing to do anyway...  when the front end collapsed. i just took a sabersaw and cut off the  other end at about 5' tall  and just left it-- it is where i have been collecting metal "THINGS" as i am prone to do.
if we can get  the posts in the ground before frost, we could have a building pretty quick...  working in the arena might keep us going...  then in the spring tackle the new kennels..
and the tractor with it's new doors can be sweater off type hot.
i had a letter from lisa ct... who declared she is now an sdp addict and mail call has become her "happy place" which is a place where she can feel likke she is part of something bigger- and embrace the opportunity to participate in an organization  that does so much to improve the lives of others...
we certainly are part of something bigger...  like 31 pups that are gettting bigger by the meal....  time comes when we can not keep them in 3's and 4's because they get to playing bitey face with a bit too much enthussiasm...-- this is when wwe are going to need more kennels......  we are very fortunate that the weather has been .. well.. not cold cold... so they can get plenty of exercise outside.....  i am told that "warm" will be over by the end of the week...

teh back "dorm room" with  4 or 5 adult dogs has given us a few more kennels-- and people seem to like watching that area too.
with the process of rotatin g 2 pups in the house all day, i am trying to get them using the yuppy puppy...  time was when all my  dogs knew how o use it----- and in the course of a few years, i have aquired several more models which could be  redone to function like this one...  next time a mechanical genius is sitting around  they can inherit that...
i don't know if anyone realizes this .... but -- it is possibel for me to look up people who get this in their email and see what time they read it..--- i check up on a friend from new york daily  ----  we aren't getting any younger.
no cutting  and pasting --- come on gang !!

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