Thursday, December 3, 2015

DEC 3 2015
i have been up for awhile  trying to write a letter to  some of  people i HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS.....who just don't 

stop to think we need their support to accomplish what we have set out to do---  they chuckle at the chicken bricks- and 

think it is some kind of joke instead of the basic support i keep telling them it is...

enjou the cut and paste  because i am not going to fight with this
comyuter who is TYPING SO CLOSE ---  it is hard to read
if anyone knows how to fix this [lease let me know... it happens often

Hello! Zeke and I volunteer every Monday and Wednesday in my son's fourth grade classroom. This morning when we walked into the school a first grade student came running out of the gym wheeling a hockey stick with a foam foot shaped end. He took one look at Zeke and screamed "DOGGIE".

I stood still and looked down at Zeke. I told him to stay and continued to pet him and talk to him. The little boy ran around us a couple of times and then ran off with the adults. Zeke was AMAZING. We stood right there for a bit and I praised Zeke for his good behavior.

The Dean of Students came over with our "Visitor Pass" so we could continue right to our classroom but Zeke likes routine so we stopped at the office and went to Peter's classroom (remembering the way--two floors & ramps). He was perfectly behaved in the classroom during my 45 minute small group reading lesson with six students.

**Because I am walking so much more with Zeke I am transitioning to one day a week of therapy. Thank you! He is truly amazing!

Have a wonderful day!
Shannon and Zeke

Lately, we took a family trip to the central Atlantic states. We visited several military bases where our beautiful DiDi was an amazing advocate for SDP and large service dogs. Questions came from a wide variety of individuals, and we were grateful to help those with and without disabilities understand her job, training background, and ADA laws. Sometimes people don't easily recognize my MS, and other days it's starkly apparent as my walking falls apart and my fatigue flares drastically. 

DiDi is truly my best friend and watches me always for signs of my need of her help. Well, maybe, once in a while, it's for a cookie. But she is an irreplaceable companion and support both at home and wherever we go in public. She is perfect on airplanes flying across country (4 round rip flights now), a tram climbing Pikes Peak (last year), a State Fair tram, and buses. She is truly a light to me I the darkness. 
Thank you again to everyone at SDP for my mobility.


I want to take a few minutes of your busy day and simply wish you, the trainers and all the volunteers, 
Happy Holidays. I want you to know that SDP is always in our thoughts. I hope you don't get tired of any 
of us expressing our gratitude for the tremendous gift you've given us. I can't say Thank You enough and
 any chance I get I talk about the amazing place that is CrAzY AcReS. I never have to talk about the dogs
, really, because Casper is amazing and he speaks for himself. The conversation usually starts 
with how Great of a Dane he is (see what I did there?) and where did I get him?! I can tell you this,

 there is no organization that I found yet that matches SDP. 

We do our best to promote the cameras and chicken bricks so that others can be blessed
 the way we have, so keep up the great work. I really wish we could have SDP chapters nation-wide.
 When you have a Dane you really begin to appreciate their service qualities and want to share it with 
everyone. We are sharing Casper and Disability awareness with as many people as possible. This year
 we have spoken to schools, youth groups, and civic organizations. We have received wonderful feedback
 and have no plan on slowing down. I am proud to be Casper's handler and he does an exceptional 
job taking care of me; whether it's kisses to lift my spirits, a brace to lift me off the floor,
 or as my best man as we walked down the aisle to get married.

May you be blessed to create many more teams in the new year, and for years to come.

Thank You,

Dan & Casper (and the entire family)