Wednesday, December 30, 2015

dec 30 2015
i have been working for 2 hours on  a crazy video idea i had a while ago...

it seems to me that  we could "package" the chicken shatupon society as a school fundraiser--
 on a disc...

if they have a silent auction setup, we can have a poster about  "donate  $1  ( or $5 whatever)  ad pick a number.... in about 1/2  hour our hens wll pick the new lifetime member of the shatupon society of ipswich"  to attract attention to the "booth"   we could run a video  loop of  puppy pictures-- training pictures and a few chicken s on the table-- then at the end ( about 1/2 hour) we run the actuall poo picture and me measuriong it to declare the winner-- who gets a shatupon certificate.

worth a try-- heather is putting it together... a very amusing set of pictures-  the best sequence is the line up of purina bags for 3 seconds and flip to everyone sliding down the hill on the bags...
there are alot of relly cute mark pictures  to draw attention...

may as well  try and experiment  cost to us of producing the "package" of video, posters, tickets and disc is about $5--- could be a huge fundraiser for  --  dawn's school-- or laura's

so that has taken me a while
Temps 100.8, 101 4
Meds  Tylan x1,  Ampi 3cc x2,  Gent 0.4 cc x1,  Flagyl 250 x2,  LR 500 x2.
In a.m.  perky sitting on kuranda barking. In evening sitting on the floor attentive & interactive.
Continues w liquid brown stool x7 episodes since last night.  Food fleck noted in stools during the day. Voiding small amts, 2 witnessed.
For breakfast ate 1/4 c.  chicken and 1/4 c. puppy kibble. Snack ate 1/4 c. chicken soup puppy food.  Dinner - 1/2 c. chicken, nibbled on hamburger.  20 minutes later vomited undigested chicken and puppy kibble. Ate 1/4 c. chicken soup puppy food 1 1/2 hrs later with no g.i.distress noted.
grace is going to albany to meet a sister  and will be back in a couple d ays
other than that.......

Hello! Merry Belated Christmas!
I apologize for my delay in writing my update on life with Little Miss Ethel. She and I are doing great, she's my steadfast companion in the long hours of studying for the medical school admissions test.
In November she accompanied me to the Paralympic Training Site Lakeshore Foundation in Alabama where I shadowed Dr. Morgan, a Paralympic who leads research on the body mechanics of wheelchair athletes. Ethel loved jogging alongside me on the track as I tried out different racing wheelchairs and got her first taste of real Southern culture as we toured downtown Birmingham.
I train for my upcoming triathalons in the pool while its rainy and gross outside with Ethel watching over. She doesn't understand why anyone in their right mind goes willingly into the water and so she gets very excited to brace for me to pull out of the pool when I'm done.
After some trial and error, her vet here and I figured out that some of Ethel's skin issues (hair falling off of her paws and blistering) was caused by an allergy to chicken proteins. Unfortunately, chicken fillers are used in a lot of processed dog food/treats but she's frolicking with a shiny coat now that she's on Purina Salmon.
I'm proud of say that Ethel is also on the lowest dose of steroids she can be on from her blood disease from last February. If her next blood test (next week) comes back with a strong platelet count, then Ethel can be off steroids completely. With the decreasing steroids came a decrease in weight and she's back to her original size of 120lbs. (Although I assured her she never stopped being the most beautiful service dog in the world).
There's not much else to report on this end, we had a wonderful Christmas and Ethel got to tear apart all her new stuffed animal friends with a wagging tail. She has been and will always continue to be the best gift I could ever wish.
Thank you Carlene and thank you all of SDP!

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