Friday, December 4, 2015

dec 4 2015
winter approacheth-- the %^&*  snow moths are out in droves...  every once in a while it looks like a blizzard--must be they hatch in batches of 40000 at once and go away... and is the biggest reason not to locate any outside light near a door...
  steve's  charlie was/is? ill-- no temp  but vomiting strange colored stuff- so we took him ot george-- who gave him a shot-- no more vomit...-  but we still don't know why...  today may tell us  when the bloodwork comes bck and teh shot wears off...  between the 2....
big news of the day--- the tractor comes back today.....with doors... which means i can escape my desk and go  out and play with  my mental blocks -- pushing them around in the heated comfort of the tractor.-- at least the tractor does not play  handels messiah endlessly because for some reason my car is attached to my phone which talks to my computer  - which we all know --has a mind of it's own and likes  handels messiah..

for those of you just dying to hear about tractors......our kabota  has 2  THINGS that stick out front.... which screw onto the front bucket... we use these as fork lifts to unload the purina just barely lifts them... -- but it does..  welllllllll....... i am told they make the same arraingement with an angled plow to push snow around without having to take off the front bucket--- which as we all know-- the bucket was all that worked last year-- you can not push plow  snow that is 2 feet deep...but if i get out every 4 to 6 inches, i can roar around and clear a path to at least get the place open for volunteers and staff...  then remove that plow and bucket the lumps out of the way by undo-ing only 2 screws..... mind you darn big screws-- but screws...

the next problem is-- the screwy plow is not in till the end of next week---and i want the tractor back --- like that means a truck trip to ayer next week--- which is not too far from acton-- where a CP  has a "this end up" wooden sofa for us to pick up-  they are at least in the same direction...  i think the plow is 6 feet  plus stuff-- and the sofa is 3 x 4 feet....somehow it has to fit in the shortened bed of the 150 ford.     
the trailer deal fell apart.. so  the tractor will be coming home on their trailer.
the other big news is grace said to bring on the rooster...  a neighbor ( the one who cuts my hair in the office when i get looking too messy....)  had to get rid of it...  we should  be able to manage-- this being a farm- can get stretched a bit..-- i do have a sign on the hill facing the "new" development --"this is a working farm-- it smells, is noisy  and animals reproduce"-- so the rooster shold  be ok...  we will see,

and at some point the new animal control officer in ipswich should be coming by to inspect-- which has to be done once a year...since this is into december... procrastination comes to mind- 

i hope to get the back doors done today and get these dogs re-arrainged...  i didn't even see my dogs yesterday---.
bailey got the basket for the second time yesterday-- grand ole gal that she is...  she is feeling better...
and that basket--- when we turned it over to mend the holes with duct tape,  there is a label from teh steadman kids... 4/14/14-- no wonderi it was wearing thin...
Some local people have asked if they can buy the calendar at "retail" rather than online (postage), so here's a possible cut and paste for DD...

If you live in the Ipswich area and are looking to buy SDP stuff directly, check out the Betsy Frost Pop-Up Shop, 4 Elm Street, through December 31;---- see the SDP table at the Ascension Church Christmas Bazaar, 31 County Street, this Saturday Dec. 5th, 9am-2pm.
----or come to  CraZy AcrEs farm 37 boxford rd.. Ipswich  

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