Tuesday, December 8, 2015

dec 8 2015
thin ice is happening on the pond-- which means the gates are virtually locked... no dogs allowed in there til spring... last time a dane went thru the ice, i had to push janine out on the ice to rescue him... all survived.. poor janine...
that story is very close to the  roof fire story-- when a chimney blew and the pine needles  next to the skylight caught fire-- i screamed for help from janine- who was just out of the shower with not too many clothes on-- but a few...  she came running-- i held the "too short ladder" and she got up on the roof- i handed her the  fire extinguisher - she was slipping and sliding around in the foam , ( in her underwear) when the entire fire department came up the driveway and clomped up  in their black boot attire   to hold  a proper ladder   saying "why can't all alarms work out like this..." - i can not remember if that story made it to janine's book  (dogs donkeys  and circus)
ok....so----  this  beats suduko puzzles...... i have identified one group of people who did not get the right number of calendars...  i bet you are all  absolutely anxious to have me describe why this happened  and since i spent the entire afternoon trying to identify what the $%^&*() the problem was---i am going to tell you-----  there will be a test later....
 the paypal program had 2 places to enter "quantity"  if you ordered 4 calendars  1 book and a monkey fist-- the computer  recorded a 3  .. meaning 3  differtent things--- and on the column on which the label was based  said  3  and the person was one calendar short... many people ordered just 2 calendars-- and label printed  out 1-- meaning 1 item  ordered ...  try this kind of thing.....say you were ordering spoons-- and they come 12 to a package.. if you order  1 you will get 12 spoons-- order  2 and you get 24...  this was not easy to figure out because everyonce in  a while a person would order 2 and get 2-- those were the people who ordered 2 calendars and  book... 2 items--- as long as the number of calendars equaled the number of  type of items ordered you got the right calendar order. 
 it took a very long time to figure that out-- and a short term memory made it really difficult.-- i think i have that problem under control and have emaliled the 28 people involved- i have to admit  we have the best  community of people... i got 26 emails back so far--- every one was very pleasent and many  even offered another $10 to ship 2 more  ( i said "go buy a brick")
we know about it now and should be able to manage-- so don't change your ordering methods....
that is the good news...
the bad news is...  i have another 5 people who's shortage i can not yet understand---  i can not figure any common denominator for all 5 ...yet...-- --  could be they are just random mistakes---
soooooo---- all the people who responded to my email yesterday-- i think we can get those mailed tomorrow ( wednesday).... but if there are others who are short a calendar ( not  the book   which we are still signing..or monkey fists )send me an email with the date you bought it...the number ordered and recieved  -- include your zip code ( because i have sorted the mess by zip.) and i will try that today-- better make the subject  of the email "order"...

wasn't that exciting?????  hit that delete button  !!!  well after you read about bella and george...
maybe a couple things  of interest  before the cuta nd paste
we have DIDI  here  ---service dog born 2010-- owner went to europe for 2 weeks-- what a pleasent dog... perfect  manners-- upset/concerned that her owner had left her here until she saw megan-- then she  relaxed... plan is -- megan has her overnight.. and jacky will take her sometime today and continue with her sdp lifestyle of accompanying jackie wherever she goes...  she would not be happy left aloneafter working with someone for 4 years 24 hours a day.. didi is exremely attentive to everyone's conversation -- and if  by mistake you use the word "down" in conversation.... she drops.
 then pam's dog chester had a  seizure yesterday-- an extremely rare occurrance-- i can not remember seeing any of mine  have a seizure...he just had the one....- and seems fine.. so pam is here today and all 3 are in with her overnight-- we are literally  hip deep in dogs--- with her 3 big ones ... and mine.  there is not much room to walk..... she may put them in the kennel today when shannon  comes in...
pups are getting circulated...
 ryan is fencing  the "A" field  ... he is one strong   guy--pounding posts- not a problem.
From Bella's Mom:
Bella and George went off to school today. They only have 3 more school days and then we are off to Florida! I was cleaning today and came across an old pair of Mickey ears and Bella and George had to try them on. But they had a good day at school. Bella wasn't happy when she got home and I told her   that I went to Service Dog Project with a friend. She couldn't believe I went there without her. But we visited with all the puppies and Jess was able to meet some of the volunteers, trainers, and Carlene. She was pretty impressed with the work they do and how all the dogs are donated to those in need of  a Service dog.

 That is one reason why I try to help them with their fundraising when possible. One thing they are working on is the "dollar up" campaign. For any that can spare $1 or all those that have watched the ABC video of Bella and George and want to give back sending $1 is an easy way to help. Just  think how much we could help if just the followers of this page all sent $1! That would be over $15,000. How amazing would that be? They have 31 puppies on property that all need food and training.

 So the address is 37 Boxford Rd Ipswich Ma 01938. Can you do it for Bella and George? 
Remember that this  amazing dog who has changed the life of my girl was donated to us! We didn't have to pay a cent for the best crutch ever! 
And that he won service dog of the year for a dog that has changed the life of his partner. We couldn't agree more! He sure is the best.
 So if you can help out Team Bell and George   
 and mail $1 to Service Dog we would truly appreciate it! Love Bella and George πŸ‘£πŸΎπŸ‘£πŸΎπŸ’•

Carlene White

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