Monday, December 7, 2015

if there is one thing i know about volunteers, it is that you must give them the best equipment and system for them to do whatever... i am very proud of our  tidy and effective "poo picking system"----- 3 x 6" pieces of cereal boxes which are so easily carried  in a volunteer's back pocket..(  our outdoor version is  a few 3 x 6 cards attached to a grocery bag with a  tiny hair elastic....) ----The back of Janine's book, she wrote  "if you come to crazy acres, leave your ego at the gate"  and we mean that.... everybody does everything for which they are physically capable.  when it comes to a healthy pile of poo....we are not interested you your degrees or past accomplishments. 

 if there is poo, it needs immediate attention.  if you don't already have  a "poo picking system" there are mailboxes scattered about  which have supplies-- pick it  put it in the bag and tie the top-- drop it anywhere a passing golf cart can reach it to carry t to the dumpster-  in the meantime it is tied-- no small, no flies, no accidental "soft step"
 i was so pleased yesterday-
 #1  beautiful day to enjoy a bunch of dogs--  several graduate service dogs were here too.
#2.  mark's  santa friend  is a super santa-  who apparently just met a similarly jolly  woman who said she wished she could play santa's role once a year...  so  she got all dolled up in red... and played teh role of mrs. santa  perfectly..  mark- and sandy-- got some great photos which should appear on shutterfly sometime... 
#3.  the shatupon  report----was the quickest performnce ever...  the second chicken never got out of the crate  before the first had "chosen"   teh winner-- thanks to the hundreds of people who bought bricks, we can pay the bills for another month
#4.  SOMEBODY  brought a dish of hand whipped  cream-- with a pumpkin pie !!
(#5... just to follow up on the first topic of poo picking... there were 80 to 100 people here, about 65 dogs who must have  2 bm's a day--?130 possible piles....... and not one  person  had a soft step/shoe wiping ordeal..)

re calendar orders.....i sent this to beverly  who got shorted....
i see what is happening.... we have a bug.......  this has happened to several people  
 you ordered   4   and the computer decided you ordered one unit of 4  so in the quantity column it put 1
and printed one on our mailing  list...--- if you had changed the quantity to 4... the comupter would have tried to send you 4 x  units of 4   or 16...
now i can fix it  thank you ... let me rephrase... janine can fix it for us... defining the problem is 87% of the cure.
and she si due here for book signing this morning.... i think....
ellen-fl •
Some of us are lucky enough to be able to go to the George and Bella presentation Saturday night in Orlando.. I just found this info that will let everyone who wants to watch it live:
 We’re offering live streaming video from the event at The show will also air live Saturday and Sunday evening on the FidoTV Channel (check your local listings).
 the new  chicken brick wall is opened.... on "my" two places--- teh bottom of the constant contact email and the top line "chicken bricks" of the web page ...  that chicken link  on the left-- under explore....has to be done by janine--- and she is not up yet....
time to drink the coffee ( and sign the books)

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