Friday, January 1, 2016

JAN 1 2016
time to make the donuts...and get right at breaking all those new years resolutions i even thought of making.

 truth is-- i can't remember, but it seems logical that in the next week or so , i put together a letter/report to the people who have given us grants during the past year...  these are people who may not even know about the cameras -- daily doggie or mail call.  besides sitting in front of the fireplace  thinking and dozing off is not a bad  thing to do when whatever gods there are have seen fit  to grease my immediate surroundings  with thier version of  WD40   .

the whole thing is out of my control-- i don't  recognise  even the kind of coffee  - or have any idea  from whence cometh all the stuff on the coffee counter... mine is not to question why... mine is to add some whipped cream  and run for  cover.;... ( avoiding the scale and it's nasty numbers as i run).
i remember..... one of the first things that happened after the cameras became operational-- is..  true story......   there was a knock on th edoor... and i  opened it  to find a lovely woman there  with a mop an d bucket ( with soap a nd water) she said  "would you like me to mop the floor?.."  
why on earth would i ever think of turning down an offer like that? over the ensuing months many more people joined the army of volunteers who now supply coffee i have never heard of-- along with far too much chocolate which almost cover the bag of healthy oranges...
it has become an army--not only locals - but people flying into Boston to come here and do whatever needs doing at the moment. 
 that moment always includes picking poo - keeping us spotless- you leave your ego at the gate. 
when bella walked george across that dog show floor to receive the AKC ACE award as the #1 service dog in the country--- there is a virtual army of people around the world who can rightly say  "i am part of this.....i helped make this happen with  buying a chicken brick for $10. and/or processing the poo- either by picking or cutting breakfast cartons into 3 x 6 cardboards with which  the poo pickers  pick .

 it is a world wide army-  i notice many new names--- every state is covered... and  many new countries...  
Crazy Acres could also be called "Upson Downs" where we manage to live thru the  births and deaths of life's sequences...accepting, but  sometimes not understanding, it all.

if you can't help thousands, help one.... or two ... or maybe 100 ---but one at a time..

.inadvertantly blessed with 31 pups---we are also blessed with a bunch of chicken brick buyers who -- as 2015 ends, have our monthly support at $20,000- meaning we can seriously think of more help... 
like the unexpected  woman with the mop- we seem to have aquired 4 jobless  people of young age and no predetermined  future..either just out of school or about to be.... the concept of one of them becoming another megan  is exactly what we need...  megan was someone's nanny when i stole her...

in the manner of our usual disarray ....... i figure-- if this winter is anything like last winter's snowfall, it will be a trial by fire... or snow... as the case  may be.---that would be alot worse than any final exam any college would require...  a mike rowe kind of education... this could also be called  The College of Hard Knocks- who's colors are black and blue ( as my father said).
2016 goals?    would you settle for maybe just today's goals?   these business people love the "5 year business plan"-- well go ahead and write something  down to keep the "business types" happy, for me i will deal with today.
altho i might mention-- we do need... and i hope to figure out "HOW TO" build a proper infirmary to deal with the odd dog who needs isolation out of surgery- or childbirth- or quarentine for illness..  with the number of dogs we have  nearly every day one is being spayed--- or giving birth-- or recovering  from something...
the contractor ( who is also one of our donors) looked at the plans i did - and said it would be about $40,000.
for a "washable " building about the size of the t tent .so if any of you have an extra 40k around,....  you could put your name on it.....
it might be  intertesting  if anyone who is not a "commenter "  ---has a question for  us, to write it and send it "snail mail" --- yesterday we had only 3 pieces of mail to read...--   i got spoiled -- around christmas we had  about 10 letters a day... gave me more topics to wind  up on...sometimes mail call morphs  into a fireside chat
with any of the crazy acres army is around to sit for a spell.
good news... bailey just ate 2 cans of dog food and some cheese... yesterday i managed to get a duramax down her--- she spends alot of time sleeping-- but does get up and go outside-- she does not like slipping  on the ice.... either
This time no picture but I wanted to tell you of seeing Didi's person getting here last night to pick her up. I was lucky to be able to experience the homecoming and Carlene wanted me to tell you all about it.
So Karen and her husband came in the house and Didi was asleep in the sunroom. We had to call her. At first I'm not sure she recognized her but they were right inside the door where it is very dark. As soon as Karen called to her she immediately knew the voice and went crazy. Didi's tail was wagging so hard and hitting the back of the chair I was sitting in and I worried she might break it. She was so wiggly and happy to finally have her person back. Didi was so excited she wasn't interested in any goodbye kisses or hugs. The most AMAZING sight was as soon as Karen put on her vest Didi immediately went into work mode and settled right down.
I know we have all heard of this but seeing it first hand was incredible especially from her super wiggly state to basically standing still waiting for Karen to let her know what to do.