Thursday, January 14, 2016

jan 14 2016
handwriting is the  hang up of the day.
i had a brilliant idea for todays DD and wrote it in the corner of my suduko book at 2am....PUDISHA what it looks like.. plus--- .... when i proof read a letter  for theresa to type... i added RHANWR .  so whatever that was did not get changed in  the letter.  i must move just a bit slower inthe handwriting dept.
i we go again....way back when i was in high school my grades were minimal to awful in anything that involved spelling-- as you can all appreciate... but someone straightened out my abilities in math simply by telling me to  write clearly and keep my equal signs in a column - after that i got 100 in all algebra, geometry and things like that.

i have passed on that wisdom to many students i have tutored ( or been exposed to) i think laura was one of them-- and i think she is now an "A" student in math too.  there was a guy here doing community service who's handwriting was ridiculous - i asked - he was failing in math- and was blaming math and could not begin to address the fact that he could not begin to do any math with that handwriting.
if you look at some of the papers these kids write in math it is simple to see why they think math is confusing
and 75% of the problem is handwriting.
now that they hardly ever use a pencil to write anything--and just poke at a cell phone,  i don't know how simple math will survive.
that pudisha idea... might have been- hoping one of our cp's would win the powerball-    there are 3 of them so far... and we hae alot of cp's
i do hope if you have won  that  you will let us know.... right !
so i started in on what would i........  and i didn't get too far..i would want some of the things i wanted as a  child-  -- a car... more dogs...and roast beef dinners  -  and i have those now... so what else? maybe the driveway would get hot topped.- boy would that dress us up.... but then people would drive too fast--  my potholes are my speed bumps.  
they say most people who win, loose the money ----why is it people spend that money on things other people tell them  they want  " oh i would buy a rolls royce"
i can see the real world cringing as bentley's happy tail ( with the small hole in it) flung a fine bloody spray on the roof liner......and 3 pups got car sick on the leather back seat.... as i pulled the trailer to the dump.
why do people spend money on that stuff??? 
Does dinner taste any better off a white tablecloth? -- or more appropriately.. is it less fattening?
Being warm and dry ... are high on my list---  but if costco doesn't sell it... i probably don't need it.
somewhere i learned that having a rolls royce  "out of the mainstream" kind of possession, meant that if you wanted it repaired, they would send someone from britain.. to fix it.   when everyone had a vw bug,, every garage could fix them,  i guess that is why i don't have a rolls... i have a ford mentality.
i have no cut and pastes

 come on you people to whom we have donated dogs.....  these are our children....and we like reports...