Sunday, January 17, 2016

JAN 17 2016
oh boys..i had 2 emails.......
maybe i should say up front... anyone out there can start their own  service dog outfit and do whatever they want...and if they did , then they would know all the details of each the meantime you are stuck with me...and i have to report-- the two scathing emails had about bentley's masculine appendages and the use of a vest when i am not handicapped..both came from people who have recieved tremendous benefit from  however  sdp is run. for the vest....i have heard the arguement many times.....and i am in total agreement with taking advantage with pet dogs...  and certainly ones that don't behave..however... i .personally at least.. use a dog .. not only as physical help  but as a perfectly behaved dane, literally an advertisement for danes as service dogs.  it would be wonderful to have a few more out there....question is "perfectly behaved...".. with appologies to the ada---- i question  which is worse -  a service dog improperly managed or a fabulous failure behaving perfectly-- there is a goal-- to benefit sdp in general- of having people be aware of danes  and our program..  i cringe at the  public behavior of a couple of our recipients..... 

 and then there is me.....
which has to bring up... costco--- i made a quick trip to costco  with kati....... and the costco  electric scooters are sooooo slow   that i opted to have bentley pull my w/c-- and i had to buy a bunch of big things which meant i needed a shopping cart....turns out..... it is difficult to steer a cart with one hand while the other is on bentley's harness...however... if you put both feet on the lower rail of the cart,  use your  feet the  steering is simple.    bentley really gets into pulling and  "moves along"-- i feel i must apologize to costco- before they give me a speeding ticket.. it was a bit of a spectacle-- most were amused... but there are always  one or two... looking to be critical...unable to accept the unusual...there is a video-- kati was goin  to put it somewere

as for bentley's appendages.... i know full well of 2 other programs who use thier stud dogs as working service dogs--the" authoriities"  have referred to that as  "with special permission"  the huge difference is they are golden retrievers where their long coat "feathers ' in the rear cover the  basics...  where bentley can not hide suggest i neuter bentley is extremely short sighted... 

i deleted the next paragraph
for a couple reasons.........
Good morning,
A quick note to remind you what you already know: Sir Thomas has been stellar. In a new place with new symptoms (this is a degenerative disease), still, I can get out, explore, do errands that wouldn't happen without Tommy by my side. I'd still be stuck in a few places had he not been there. And each time I strap on his harness - each and every time - he wags. Love him. -Renee
Pleasure. I am just sitting here watching some “talk to the trainers” videos I missed.  it was pretty good!

that trainer talk   is working well...

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