Tuesday, January 19, 2016

jan 19 2019
i am $@#$%^&*()_
we are gettin gsooooo organized thanks to pam- and we h ave alot of interns running around learning things..
WELLLLLLL   let me  start in.. and this is from where  i sit... literally...
water--- #1 thing to deal with...( sorry.... with which to deal.....)
fact.... a dog can take a drink out of a horse's 3 gallon pail and the entire pail will turn to slime...i do not know why    and at this point i don'ty care why... point being just because a dog dish ( bailey's is case in point) is ½ full it does not mean it is normal drinkable water-- if it is ½ full, it means some other dog has had a drink and what's left will not pour out of the dish like water, it will slide out in a glob of slime.
it is one of those things you have to learn to question.....how did that dish get ½ full????  if your conclusion is that  another dog had a drinlk,.. get your %^&* in motion and refill it....  the queen  bailey might want to get up for a drink.... and when she does, she will sniff that water dish and look at me with  " where are your organizational skills??? you expect me to struggle to my feet for a drink and have to be confronted with this glop while there are people just sitting around?".. and she has taken to standing in front of a ½ full dish waiting for me to ask someone to refil it.   just like she will get off one bed and stand in front of the other where ariot or audry is sleeping expecting me to get them off so she can change beds..
age does have it's privlidges......

it is the kind of mental activity  that farming in general teaches--  grace would notice that-- so would janine being an old 4h member.-( altho janine might be in too much of a rush to do anything about it.. she is capable of noticing.) 
problem with running an outfit like this is there are 1462 situations like that a day.- the adi accreditation tries very hard to address every situation rather than recognise the fact that there are exgtremely well trained people who  can recognise and deal with problems even they can not dream up. ... and most of them were into animal management at a n early age in something like 4h.

i remember......( oh not the memory thing again)...when i worked for the want ad magazine- in the early agesw i managed just  the northern section -- northt of boston... i had kids and horses se we knew parents of kids with horses..-- the cheapest thing about a horse is it's purchase price-- horses cost money to feed... what ain't hay... is just that... so parents needed money for the hay bill an d a second fairly painless job of delivering magazines ws a godsend.   the people i hired were   "horse people" . the personell department at the main office asked me once why in the snow  they had many delivery people not show up for work  and all my people were out there in any weather. -- simple answer was horse people know  7am you get up and out to the barn to feed.. there is no way out.. not getting there does not even cross your mind-- you get up and out. it developes a work ethic like no other.
to this day if someone has a significant  4h background they go to the top of my list... i know they come pretrained to work.
so there.
  just one other reelated concept--- if most  inventions are accidental observations of an unrelated occurance, would dog saliva  be a better substance than wd-40?
it is certainly wierd stuff.
PRETTY AMAZING STORY----pay attention to the details...

From Bella's Mom:

This morning the kids got to sleep in since it was a holiday and a day off. It was nice especially since we got some snow. Not a ton but about 4/5 inches was enough for Bella and George to enjoy it. When George got up, Bella was still sleeping so I took him out to do his morning business. He was SO happy to 

be in the snow! He was running and jumping and playing even before going to the bathroom. I almost forgot how much he loves the snow! So Bella even though she decided to have a pajama day still put on her snow suit and went outside to play with George and go sledding. Every time Bella went down 

the hill George would chase her down and then run up the hill, run a circle around me and then back down to Bella. If I didn't make my way down the hill he would run up to me again. If I did start walking down to help Bella up the hill he was happy finding branches to chew on. I think next I need to teach 

George how to pull Bella up the hill on her sled. Bella walked up the hill a couple times and crawled up the hill a couple times and then I pulled her up the hill another dozen times. She loves to sled that's for sure. After sledding it was time to come inside for some hot chocolate for Bella and George went 

and found Bella's bed. A couple hours later Ed and I came back from the store with a couple saucer sleds so Gabi and Bella decided to go back out and sled. Since George was still in bed Bella went out with Gabi knowing Gabi would help her but after about 2 minutes George came down stairs walked 

around the house, stood at the back door looking out then came to me in the living room handed me his paw then back to the back door. I sat there for another minute then he did the same thing. So I put his coat on and sent him outside with the girls and he ran right up to Bella sniffed her then ran 

around her and played in the snow with the girls. He was missing his little lady! Now everyone is off to bed early tonight after all the snow play. Thank you for checking in and saying hi!