Wednesday, January 20, 2016

jan 20 2016
we have a volunteers party planned at a huge chinese resaturant..for saturday-- and we are supposed to get the first blizzard of the season saturday night... hopefully  we can party early and get home before it gets too  serious...  party is scheduled for 5 to 9.. i can see it now...60 people here with sleeping bags and  cartons of chinese food leftovers.

it is saying  6 to 10 inches  ... which in my book is hardly a blizzard...last year we would have hardly noticed another 6".----- but being the first of the season everyone is out buying bread milk and toilet paper  already..

somebody yesterday ? mentioned that people buy toilet paper when facing a blizzard.--- and on my costco trip yesterday  a very high... noticably  high percentage of carts had TP in them.   probably just an accident -- but could be an interesting statistic...
i also checked and there were no negative comments about my fast trip around the store being pulled by bentley-- i was shopping ---- i bought things--- i was afraid with the use of the camera- they would have thrown us out... however  they were all chuckling...
bailey is doing really well---- she is now 10 days on duramax...  george????? what are we doing to the rest  of  her??  not that we have a choice..... we already proved hard drugs is not an option....
i have a meeting with the building bunch at 11 today... it still blows my mind that  if i own the property i can not build on it without permission from 2700 town agencies... but that is the case..
From Bella's Mom

Well it must be a special day. 2 videos in the same day. Bella wanted to share everyone the special anniversary dinner she put together for George tonight. She knows he LOVES hot dogs but never gets them. So this was a very special treat. She gave him 5 cups of kibble, 1/4 can on soft food like always 

with a little water to mix it all up but tonight for his special anniversary dinner Bella added a hot dog and a dog treat. He got dinner and desert all in one bowl. She even had him stand there and wait before he attacked that yummy hot dog. 

January 19, 2015 is the day we went to Service Dog Project and signed the official paperwork to make it official that George now belonged to Bella. It amazes me all these 2 have been through in the past year. To name a few things 52 infusions, numerous doctor appointments, 2 overnight surgeries, school 

field trips, vacations, boating and beaching, George's first plane trip to receive his AKC ACE award and Disney World. I am sure we are missing a few fun things but those stood out. I could always go back and reread all their adventures on this page but that's ok. I am positive they have many more exciting 

adventures ahead of them for this next year ahead. We will just have to wait and see. The only thing that I really hope we can change are the surgeries. I know the other Dr stuff will stay the same but I can do without the surgeries. Tomorrow we have another exciting special event to celebrate their anniversary. Even though it's infusion night we shall have fun. 

Also we want to thank everyone that has helped make this matchup. All those that donate, support and volunteer at Service Dog Project. If it wasn't for all your help and generosity Bella would be using crutches or possibly a wheelchair by now but you all helped give her some independence and her life  
back! So thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We wouldn't be where we are if it wasn't for all of you. 

Much love Bella and George