Friday, January 22, 2016

jan 22 2016
who has 17 acres on the west coast??????  someone contacted me before the holidays --they /she? was retireing to a small 17 acre farm in ?oregon washington?  and was going to contact me after the holidays.... i can not .. yet.. locate the email.... 
now would be a good time  to get back in touch..  renee is out there... and a few other cp's  sounds like GOLDIE might be at work again  
(for new commers  GOLDIE   is  the Ghost Of the Lefthand Drawer- who controls our fate here at SDP.)
NOW  the upto  report ----- they are now saying that north of boston we might get a dusting of 1" of snow.  well that certainly is  beneath the upto 24 inches... it is not nice to tempt fate i know.... the part that could be a problem is the wind--  especially since i have been receintly discussing the  stregnth of the canvass that covers the arena-- and why the building inspector needed to test the compaction of the soil to prevent the arena from going UP  in a stiff breeze.
medical reports-- i forgot george did a swab of lint's noisy nose-- turns out he did get the results back and the couple dogs who have "that noise" are on a diffeerent antibiotic.  it is a pretty minor noise... but would be wonderful to have that isolation unit---  but we will g et there...
bailey got the basket for mailcall yesterday-- and was at her old  tricks-- taking the basket to linda twice before bringing it to me...
puppy progress... is being made-- i hear of the odd situations megan and other 3 trainers get into dealing with new pups instead of the pretty well trained 9 month old dogs...  like piles of watermellons -- small children--,and slippery floors.  it is a whole new ball game. ...---- and costco was not mad at me... at least the usual staff was positive... we never asked the management about speed limits in wheelchairs....
i learn somethign new every having weak knees during a mamogram is not a happy situation.
this will be fun-- lee is one of the camera operators who keeps the puppy hill camera focused on the "action"
she is coming here in ?june?  they do such a great job....all of them.'
Hi Carlene,

I am one of the SDP cam ops - Cairo'sMom - 
and I am planning on coming to your farm in mid-
June to volunteer.  

Would it be alright with you if I did one of my Cam Shifts 

live from your livingroom while I am there?  I would bring my own laptop computer and all I would need is an electric plug-in for it.