Saturday, January 30, 2016

jan 30 2016
time to  tidy up the mental processes around here.  we have alot of very bright people at sdp...problem is they have been allowed to develope some sloppy thinking-- 
fact--bentley has yelped several times yesterday- i want to know all the details about how when and why he yelped.--i asked a very nice intern yesterday " did you see him yelp?" and  she said "leroy  ran into him . and he  is sore on his left reat leg... probably when he fell in the elevator he...." ...and i stopped her.
i stopped her because when she got into elevator observations-- i knew she was  wasn't there.she bqacked off  and no-- she had not seen him limp on a left rear  she had not  seen leroy run into  him. she nearly filled my head with 3 bits of info that would just clutter up my already disheveled mental filing system. now if she had said 'grace told me ....." then i would have filed away "ask grace"

i need to try and figure it out-- poor dog has PTSD- i dont know yet why the yelp... but i have seen him jump when the fireplace logs make that snap noise.-- and pam said he would not sleep opposite the fireplace last night  and slept in the sunroom. i know he does not like having the puppies bother him--  it is worse thqqan usual-- especially since these 2 pups are girls---he is usually very pleasent to girl pups. 
 i  certainly don't want anyone  to run in and hug him because  from these few yelps, i know we don't have the full picture of what is in his head.

nor do we know what is in my head... i realize i told everyone i had not lost consciousness... but i washed  gravel and pebbles  out of my hair-  plus i realize i don't remember th e elevator door shutting-   along with not remembering how bentley got standing up on my left side after pulling him out withmy right arm ---- there must be  a survelience camera somewhere-- i would love to see that.. 

i am noting these things not because  i think you might find them fascinating.. but it is my waay of keeping record of what is happening -- i am sure at some point people will ask.and being of advanced age...i don't want anyone to assume i would forget.

hearing bentley- or any dog  yelp is now causing  me to  jump sky high and give it my full attention...there is no way i could ask him to get in another small space  at least yet.. so it is life on the first floor for a while.

this gives me another appreciation of the  person who is handicapped- especially before  rules made comapnies put in elevators in the first place..
i never realized - when i was a kid-- all people with disabilities  could go to macy's and buy perfume and gloves which were on the first floor   but  never underwear and pajamas because they were on the third floor. 
 the ideology of why should corporations be forced to put in elevators---does get reduced individuals  beause teh people making those decisions have never had to goto bed with no jammies.
 it is  janine's -birthday
janine has had unique thinking  her whole life...thus reminding me of the  little book my organized  daughter gwen kept  of janine's sayings.. age 3--" when i get old i don't want to be a vegetable, i want to be a fruit."
it is also my sister frans birthday in colorado- 
to be accurate  it is my sisters birthday here in  massacheuttes even tho she is in colorado.
we have a cp in her town...-- if you see fran tell her she made the daily doggie.
Hi Carlene:
I have to tell you a story, last night I meet up with some friends and my girlfriends son in law is a firefighter at the station, he did not respond to your call but his friends did, when they got back to the station you and the dogs were the talk of the station that night, How impressed they were on how the dogs were and you. 
Early Sandy 
 i do want it noted that even in that extreme situation bentley behaved perfectly..  especially since the animal control officer  had to give me a quarentine notice because of the "dog bite."-- she said it does not go on his record as a biting dog but they had no catagorie to suit  this situation.

Hi Carlene, I hope you are feeling better today. 
I just thought I would share what Mia does when she is listening to Megan on the Trainer Talks. She is a very good girl and coming along nicely. We have a few things to get use too. she has come a long way.
Thanks again see you in May.   Mary McManus Sebastian Florida
i found this on my computer
The old fisherman saying “ a perpetual series of occasions for hope”
 fits here perfectly. SDP in all it’s forms feeds the hearts and  minds and especially the bodies of so many.  A young tiny girl gets big old George to provide her freedom to  move and grow.  A veteran gets to leave the house and join the world, no mater how scary that is.  Most of us take our feet and legs for granted and can only marvel at the miracles we see.

I had lost a husband  and a son when I came  upon SDP and EXPLORE.ORG and in desperate need of those “occasions for hope”… and I found them.  People who walk  their talk.. the folks now picking up poo is just as important as anything else on the list… the ones who pull together 10 bucks a month for a brick to help run SDP… and those marvelous Danes who win our hearts every singe day.

We can all apply these lessons from crazy acres to our own lives and even better, sit back and everyday at 5pm( Carlene time) and laugh so  much our dogs think we are the crazy ones  ,.  Thank you for all you do/  the stones  you have thrown are providing ripples you will never know about.  We are so grateful.

k.b. linden TN  (beepipes-tn)