Thursday, February 11, 2016

feb 11,2016
I know why there are such strange advertisements in the middle of the night... not only is the rate cheaper, but if you fall asleep with the tv on, they can plant in your head what you must do..  so today-- for $19.99  -- without doubling the offer--- i must own a fry pan that slides 2 eggs out onto a plate with out any sticking-- and if i feel like it i can take a fork and dig  away and it wont scratch...
i am not too sure why i would want to scratch a pan with a fork... but they said i could...- so for $19.99 i intend to buy one and  fry eggs and try the slide. -- as long as the shipping and handling does not exceed the cost of the pan...
i am on some list tht delivers  to my computer  a new word of the day.... and today it was  GRUNTLE???   to put in good humor----  i never knew that was a word... i only know DISGRUNTLED as someone who has already been put in a bad humor...and visually someone who has  not combed their hair can look disgruntled....
tv.....   The news of the disgruntled people getting off that ship in new jersey which got caught in a storm with 30 foot waves   for several hours....... they said it was like a roller coaster that you could not get off.----- ever since i saw the preview to titanic, i have not been able to get in a large rowboat.... i can not imagine  actually paying money to go on a cruise ship..   i also can not imagine owning the ship and having to refund all that money...and what would they do with all the shrimp and  steaks left over ?

i am glad there are other people to worry about those heavy duty problems...
  and i am glad we apparently have an accountant who has all the  papers we need for the attorney general's office.
 irene.... she sent a contract for 2015-- it is about 12 pages long- of course i did not read it all... i did see one number of $6000 mentioned--- i assume the other 11.5 pages refer to doing whatever the attorney gen  office wants.  actually i will call her.. and cut to the chase- $6000 and i do nothing, correct?  sounds like a bargain.... because i have had accountants talk of numbers like 15,000.. as long as the papers get filed--

i could have sworn i signed all those 2012,3,4 once before..  however signing papers is cheap.
 back to truth in the answering of questions.....i don't like it when someone tells me "no you did not sign them'"  which sounds like  i  refused for some reason to sign them 
 when in fact what they mean is "i don't remembering you signing them" ..  a far more accurate statement.

now the vomit report.....
the black pup -- grommen- has vomited 6 times in 24 hours... i just asked the overnight person "did he eat some canned food?"  and was told "i didn't want to feed him too much"  not ANSWERING THE QUESTION....ALL I WANTED TO KNOW WAs "is there food in his tummy which might come out again"   apparently he has over 1/2 can in there... which so far has stayed there.... and he is picking at the food flipping device...   so far so goood. he is using is foot to flip--- good boy.  he certainly feels good.
i wanted someone to stop at oak grove and see if the elevator was back in service-- and i could not get anyone to go and push the button-- interesting...

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