Friday, February 12, 2016

FEB 12 2016
modern medicine is wonderful - all this available technology..
to keep the system going straight, i am supposed to have a general practice guy as my main doctor...
(my old one went to work in brazil)---- there were 3md's  accepting new patients-
randomly i picked one.    i need to go back and try #2 or #3. the problem was- 
the system needed a GP on file...  and 
i can not continue with benedryl and brandy as a sleeping aid- 
my hand  is keeping me awake... i specified i needed just a sleeping aid and not something
that would  affect me during the day as i had chores involving heavy equipment ( the tractor)
he ordered a very long name stuff...-- and i looked it up online--
the cautions??
once you start don't stop because of suicide (? guarenteed income for drug company?)
don't take if you have epilepsy ( even tho  with medication, i have not had a seizure in 35 years, it is clearly on my chart)
and don't drive or use machinery.
i didn't think he was listening.....
i have alsways been slightly suspicious of the  question  they always ask..."are you in any pain  0 -10"
and if you are , they can help... hmmmmmmmmmm..where does addiction come in there?  next is   "you need to come in before  we can refil it..." .. and "if you want to take a pill here, the cup of water is $2.73" -    i know business is business--- but ....the whole concept of medical insurance blows my mind... .
back when ---- i was setting up the computer billing for my husbands  medical office ( ?1970'S ), the office visit was $20- and he made  $6.83-  the rest went to the insurance companies.... who had great BIG buildings in boston and hartford..... he was thrilled with the woman who paid for the visit  with  some home made baked beans in a coffee can--
that is not a political statement-- i don't think any of these political clowns have any answer  to that one.
oh.. i do have a political story--  my sister-- who is 4 years older than i--told me that if Truman won the election the world would come to an end-  i remember staying up all night worrying about that-- i even know which bed i was in while worrying... i must have been ?? 10 ?? ... 
on to the poo & vomit report....
 both pups in the house have not splattered but had soft mounds.... it just happens--once in a while- steve is trying to identify anything that might be different-- like why these two?? out of 31... decided to have upset tummies at the same time.  he wondered about the left over  soap/cholorx on the floor-- good idea.. so we will now have the scrubbers do the towel dance and dry the floor  better  after mopping.  that would take about 15 seconds  per kennel...-- i always wonder about too much food- or strange snacks   .. we are supposed to have none of those...  or things like a partial can of wet food left out of the refrigerator?? it would bother a person's tummy... you know -- the warm mayonaise  type problem...
i got called on yesterday's  gruntled and and disgruntled  problem 
as opposed to disheveled   hair is there a sheveled??
From Bella's Mom:
 Today was infusion day. I think George really likes home infusion because he gets to come home from school and sleep on the big
barker bed. When it was hospital infusions he would spend 6 hours laying on a mat at the hospital so this is much better. 
Bella gets to play games with her amazing nurse and George gets to sleep. Who could ask for anything more? 
Maybe besides not needing infusions but that isn't an option. 
But either way infusion went well today, and Bella and George are tucked into the Barker Bed. It seems to be their bed of choice now.
 Bella has slept in it every night since it came in the mail. George sleeps on it during the day and starts the night with Bella but 
a couple times has moved onto her bed. I think it's the   nights she is extra squirmy! (I would leave her bed then also)
. I may just have to get rid of her twin bed.
thank you for stopping by and saying hi and reading about our day. Love Bella and George

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